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What Makes Mazda Cars So Safe – Options and Technologies

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You may have a lot of reasons to love Mazda and want it as a car for lease. Millions of drivers across America admire its interior, exterior, drivability, and infotainment capabilities. But there is also a thing that makes Mazda lease deals in Miami so popular, and safety is its name.

The Japanese automaker pays a lot of attention to the speed and power of its cars, but safety performance is still the cornerstone of the Mazda concept as a whole. According to drivers, these SUVs and sedans really give them confidence in terms of safety and any difficult road situations. Well, let’s find out what the secret is to the high safety ratings of Mazda and what the technologies are that help maintain the impressive security level.

Philosophy of safety from Mazda

As Mazda authorities assure, feeling safe is the key emotion for those who want to enjoy the drive full-scale. That is why the automaker from Japan regards safety as a comprehensive concept that covers protecting people riding Mazda cars and road accident prevention. All its specials can boast advanced safety features that help drivers maintain control, drive confidently, and enjoy every moment behind the wheel. This human-centric approach is also applied to people around you, including pedestrians and public transport.

The key moments of Mazda’s safety philosophy are respect, trust, and a deep understanding of all the wants and needs of the driver. At the same time, the automaker admits that accidents can happen despite any intentions and offers state-of-the-art technologies to reduce the damage in case of a collision and prevent mishaps.

3 Safety aspects, according to Mazda

  • Basic. It implies providing a flawless driving experience without losing focus on the road. For example, the position of the driver’s seat is the most comfortable for joints and the spine, so you are supposed to feel better on long journeys and the accelerator is designed in an organ-pedal style, which allows a driver to feel less tired. As for instrument panels, they are arranged very intuitively and the information on them is pretty readable.
  • Preventive. As the road may be unpredictable sometimes, Mazda engineers developed a set of features to avoid potential hazards, help the driver to keep better control in case of emergency, and reduce the severity of any collision. The list of these options includes smart brake support, blind spot monitoring, cross-traffic alert, radar cruise control, and many others.
  • Collision. Mazda engineers do not walk on clouds and know that anything can happen on the road. That is why there are a suite of options and technologies that help reduce the risk of injuries. They are the impact energy absorbing body, multiple airbags, reliable seatbelt pretensioners, and the emergency call system.

Most interesting Mazda safety options

As you may understand, you can rely on Mazda at any time, whether you travel to your favourite lake or stand still in a traffic jam. There is a suite of options for you to feel confident, and there are some of them that we really like:

  • Traffic sign recognition (TSR). The feature helps the car see even road signs that are hidden from the driver’s eye, and recognise not only permanent signs, but also temporary and even signs drawn on the tarmac. TSR shows information on the projection display and sends a sound and visual warning in case of non-compliance with the requirements of the signs.
  • Smart city brake support (SCBS). The system is specially designed for urban environments. It minimises the risk of collision by constantly monitoring the distance and speed of approach to the vehicle ahead. If the likelihood of a collision increases, the system will use brakes.
  • Blind spot monitoring (BSM). This feature helps the driver control the transport situation when trying to change lanes. The system detects a vehicle approaching from behind and, if necessary, alerts the driver with a light signal on the rear-view side mirror. As soon as the road is clear, the light goes off, allowing you to manoeuvre safely.
  • Lane keep assist (LKA). The technology complements the lane departure warning system (LDW). It tracks the position of your vehicle relative to road markings and helps to prevent an unintentional drive out of the lane. In this case, you receive an audible signal and feel vibrations. Also, the system drives the car back to the lane if necessary.
  • Rear cross traffic alert (RCTA). The system detects vehicles approaching from both sides when you are reversing and is activated automatically when you start the manoeuvre. RCTA warns about hazards with an indicator on the exterior mirror and an audible signal.

Well, it is just a small part of all the features provided by Mazda to secure the driver and other road users. It is also remarkable that many of them are provided at base trim levels. For example, Grand Prix Auto Center, an auto brokerage firm in Miami, Florida, offers all its popular specials, which are both good-looking and safe.

When you lease at Grand Prix Auto Center, you can learn more about the safety kit of the car you want to take before the deal, when negotiating the price. If you find it packed enough, then you just sign the deal, and enjoy your drive around Miami feeling absolutely safe, whether you choose a CX-5, CX-90, or a sleek Mazda 3.

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