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What John Lewis’s 2023 Festive Advert Might Look Like

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As the Christmas season approaches, there’s one question on everyone’s lips: “What will John Lewis’s Christmas advert be like this year?” Over the past 16 years, the retailer’s festive adverts have become an annual tradition, eagerly awaited by the British public. And while the ad’s content remains a closely guarded secret, speculation and anticipation are already rife on social media.

Psychreg, using data from OpenAI, undertook an analysis of recurring themes from past adverts to offer predictions for this year’s theme, storyline, song choice, and tagline.

According to Psychreg’s predictions, this year’s ad could be a touching tale of intergenerational love. The storyline is expected to revolve around a grandfather and his grandson, who work together to rally their community and spread Christmas cheer throughout their town. The ad is likely to culminate in a heartwarming scene where the duo rejuvenates an old, neglected bridge, turning it into a beacon of hope and unity.

The song to accompany this touching tale? A soulful rendition of John Lennon’s “Imagine”, performed by Lewis Capaldi. As for the tagline, Psychreg envisions it as: “Connecting hearts, bridging generations, and spreading joy this holiday season.”

The John Lewis advert has become an integral part of the UK’s Christmas celebration, marking the beginning of the countdown to Christmas. By examining past adverts, Psychreg identified key themes and recurring plot points to potentially anticipate this year’s narrative.

Unity and community are expected to be central themes in this year’s ad. While the story that Psychreg has predicted may not be as tear-jerking as some of John Lewis’s previous adverts, it still promises to strike an emotional chord with viewers. The tradition of featuring covers of classic songs in the adverts is highlighted, with “Imagine” being a strong contender this year.

But it’s essential to note that these predictions are just that – predictions. They are not an official indication of what the 2023 John Lewis Christmas advert will be. Only time will tell if Psychreg’s anticipations align with the real thing.

Psychreg’s predictions were made by analysing all the John Lewis Christmas adverts from 2007–2022, noting key themes, characters, settings, songs, and taglines. This data was then fed into OpenAI, which generated potential storylines for the 2023 advert. After determining the most popular option, OpenAI was used again to generate image prompts for the chosen storyline. These prompts were then used to produce a series of mock images. Lastly, a full script was developed and refined for style and direction.

While the actual content of the 2023 John Lewis Christmas advert remains a mystery, Psychreg’s predictions offer a tantalising glimpse into what it could be. Whether the forecast hits the mark or not, one thing is certain: the UK is eagerly awaiting the release of this year’s advert.

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