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What Is the Best Mattress for Sleep?

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Overall, many people do not realise how much your mattress has an impact on your sleep. Your sleep actually effects your overall health both your physical and mental. There are sleep deficiencies that can cause illnesses such as high blood pressure. When you are sleeping on a mattress that does not offer you the proper support and pressure relief, this can create body aches and pains keeping you awake at night. When you do not get a good night’s sleep, your brain seems to be foggy. You can not always think clearly and sometimes even your memory seems to be on vacation.  The lack of getting the proper amount of sleep and rest each night can make your life more difficult.

The best mattress

The best mattress for each individual sleeper will be different.  There are sleepers that have neck and back problems and would benefit more by looking for a mattress that offers a medium firmness.  Something that is not too hard but yet not too soft.  This should give them the support and the pressure relief to help to keep them from hurting to the point that they can not get comfortable and get a good night’s sleep.  If they have a mattress that is too soft, they will sink down too far into it and will not have the pressure relief that they need.  If they have a mattress that is too hard there is no give or sink for the pressure relief that they need, and they will not be able to get comfortable.  This can make you feel like you have had no rest and make it hard just to function throughout the day.

When finding the best mattress for sleep it would be the one that offers you the sleeper the most benefits.  One where you can sleep comfortably and offers the best support and pressure relief.  This lets you feel rested and alert when you wake up the next morning.  Your physical body is not stiff and achy, and you are ready to start a brand-new day.  It is like your entire being has been energised and recharged ready to start and every day like a new person.   When you crawl into your bed at night and can immediately relax and feel the comfort and the tension leaving your body, you know that you have the best mattress for you.  When you wake up refreshed in the morning you know that you have found the best mattress for you.  The best mattress may not be a popular brand name and may not always be the most expensive mattress, it is the one that makes you feel that you have had a good night’s sleep.

Best mattress reviews

There are several mattresses reviews that are available to take a look at and read what the consumers or reviewers have to say about them.  This can help you to pick the one that might be the best for you.  Here are a few that might help you to make a decision:

  • Nectar. The nectar is one of the popular mattresses that is in the memory foam category.  It offers quality support and comfort along with body contouring and pressure relief.
  • Cover. The cover is made in a quilted designed that is mixed with a bit of memory foam.  This offers a soft and comforting feel from the first moment that you touch your new mattress. 
  • Comfort. The comfort level is designed from gel infused memory foam that offers a quality comfort.  This layer offers a slow response to pressure that will slowly lower you into the layer allowing body contouring that will give you the pressure relief that your body needs.  The gel infusion offers cooling properties that will help you out at night with temperature control.
  • Transition. This is another layer of memory foam that offers a quicker response to pressure and will help to lower you down slowly into the base layer allowing you to feel more of the contour feeling and support from the entire mattress.
  • Base. The base layer is made from a layer of high-density poly foam. This offers stability and support to the entire mattress. It offers a quality support to the softer layers of foam above it and allows the sleeper to comfortably sink down to it, allowing them the pressure relief and support that they need.

This quality memory foam mattress would make a great choice for sleepers that sleep on their sides.  This mattress seems to offer a great transfer motion, so that if you sleep with a partner or a child, you will not be wakened by their movements in the bed.  This mattress has proven to be an overall quality mattress and offers many good benefits for a good night’s rest.

Saatva Luxury Firm

The Saatva Luxury Firm mattress is one of the options to the original Saatva bed.  This is in a class that has made it quite popular.  It is known as an innerspring mattress and not known as a bed in a box category.  

  • Cover. It is made from 100% quilted cotton combined with a bit of foam.  This creates a soft and comforting feel as you first get onto your mattress.  This cover is also breathable to help to give the sleeper temperature control.
  • Pillow top. The pillow top has been designed by adding a thin layer of foam over the top of the individually wrapped coils.  This design helps to add bounce to the mattress and to position the sleeper on top of the mattress, giving them comfort and support.  It allows airflow through this layer helping with the cooling effect of this mattress.
  • Support. This layer is actually the main support of this mattress.  It is designed with steel coils that have been wrapped with a foam edge support offering a more support to the sleepers.  This layer helps to give the sleeper a more powerful lift to keep them from sinking down into the mattress.

This mattress with its qualities, offers an ease of transition so has proven to be a good selection for back and combo sleepers.  This selection would be good for people that share their bed with a partner, allowing them the freedom to move comfortably and not offering too much motion transfer so to disturb the other sleeper.  This quality bed offers comfort and support for many different sleepers and is known to be a quality mattress.

Casper Hybrid Mattress

The Casper Hybrid Mattress offers quality support and comfort for many sleepers.  It offers spring relief along with the foam support from the original Casper mattress.

  • Cover. The cover for this mattress is made from a polyester blend that creates a softness and allows breathability to help with temperature control for your mattress.  
  • Comfort. This layer has been created for 1 ½ inch of open cell foam that is quite similar to latex.  This offers a quick response to pressure and a bouncy feel to the mattress.  The open cell foam also allows airflow which creates a cooling quality in your temperature control for this mattress.
  • Contour. This layer is made of 1 ½ inch memory foam and offers a slow response to pressure.  It eases the sleeper down onto the next layer giving them comfort and support.  It offers pressure relief for the hip and shoulder areas that most people need to get a proper alignment and a good night’s sleep.
  • Transition. The transition layer has been designed of 1 ½ inch high density poly foam.  This lowers the sleeper onto the bottom layer of springs.  This layer offers a firmer support for the hips but a bit softer support for the shoulders.  
  • Base. The base has been created into a 7-inch layer of pocketed coils.  This layer offers the support for the softer foam layers above.  It offers support and supports the foam layers as they offer pressure relief to the sleeper giving them a more contoured and comforting rest.

The firmness of this mattress is a bit towards the soft side and adds a nice balance giving comfort and the ability to change positions with ease.  This mattress would be a good selection for side and combo sleepers as it offers them the comfort and pressure relief that they would need for their sleeping positions.  This mattress offers a quality motion transfer so that it would work well for couples so that if one is a restless sleeper the motion should not wake the other sleeper.  This sinkage of this mattress would seem to work for average size sleepers, the coils will not allow them to sink too deeply down into the mattress.


With the information provided, finding the right mattress for a comfortable night’s sleep, is a personal choice.  It varies from person to person depending upon sleep positions, weight on the mattress and if you have a sleeping partner.  Getting a good night’s rest is the most important decision that a person can make when selecting a new mattress.  Finding a mattress that you can crawl into bed and relax while getting comfortable as you drift off to sleep can make a total difference in your perception of finding the best mattress for sleep.  


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