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What Is Inflammaging and How You Can Prevent It

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Inflammation is caused by activation of our immune system. Even though we can’t always see it, inflammatory reactions are happening all the time to protect our skin and body from infection, pollution, and other damage.

However, if inflammation is not controlled and chronically persisting, it causes damage to healthy tissues and accelerates the aging process – also known as inflammaging.

Combining the words ​ ‘inflammation’ and ‘aging’, inflammaging is gaining attention in medical research and in the worlds of health and wellness. ​ This is because many causes of chronic inflammation (pollution, excessive sun exposure, cigarettes, poor diet, stress etc.) can now be counteracted with advances in immunology and biotechnology.

For example, the Antü Complex by Codex Beauty is a patent-pending technology that was designed specifically for inflammaging. ​ It is proven to deliver antioxidants both to the surface of the skin where they neutralise free radicals before they contact the skin, AND deliver antioxidants into the skin to help reduce inflammation. ​ It also increases the skin’s ability to fight inflammation at a genetic level.

How does the AntüComplex work?

Codex Beauty is a biotechnology-based skincare company developed by scientist Dr Barbara Paldus. Every product from the brand is clinically proven for efficacy and is my-microbiome certified.

The Antü Collection brings clinically-proven plant power to the people by protecting, restoring, and strengthening the skin barrier for all skin types. It focuses on managing reactive oxidative stress (ROS) in skin while supporting the microbiome.

The Antü Complex is a blend of hyaluronic acid and extractions from three key Patagonian plants (matico, maqui, murtilla) known for their ability to soothe irritation and reduce inflammation.

The Antü Complex has been extensive studied. Firstly, it forms a shield against pollution. Genomic testing revealed that the Antü Complex induces a re-modeling response in the skin. It decreases expression of pro-inflammatory genes and destructive enzymes, while increasing anti-inflammatory, skin barrier, wound healing, and antioxidant gene expression.

The activity of three key antioxidant enzymes within the skin called glutathione, catalase, and superoxide dismutase are also increased, leaving the skin with greater ability to protect itself against daily damage and ageing.

To discover the Antü Complex check out the Codex Beauty Antu Brightening Serum.

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