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What Does iPhone Insurance Cover?

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You can agree with me that, one of the best phones on the market is the iPhone. There is a significant cost to being at the head of the line. Theft knows it, and so do you. So it makes sense to insure your iPhone. But how can you insure your iPhone? Moreover, what are your options and do you know what does an iPhone insurance covers? Find out more by reading this piece of work.

We start straight with what your phone is covered under iPhone insurance.

Instant coverage

Get iPhone insurance now to enjoy the benefits. This means that if you drop a drink on your phone right after pressing the buy button, you’re protected. There is no sitting around or waiting for an approval time.

Covers unforeseen damage

You’ll be protected even if you do something extremely stupid like dropping your phone in a cup of water or even a puddle. All you have to do is submit a complaint and you will receive a replacement device within 48 hours.

Water damage coverage

You’re covered even if you drop or spill something on your iPhone in a drink or other liquid. This really means absolute security for your evening. You don’t have to worry about the distance to drink!

Theft coverage

Nothing is more frustrating than having your phone stolen. It’s even worse when the intruder takes up all your airtime and minutes. You don’t have to worry because the insurance covers both the cost of the device and the unused minutes.

Complete replacement 

In addition, in the worst case, you are only without your device for up to 48 hours. If you submit your claim in the early hours of a working day, it may even be earlier in some cases.

What are the options?

You have the choice to pay your premium in a single annual instalment or in twelve easy monthly instalments when you purchase iPhone insurance. Your monthly fee is just a few pounds if you opt for a premium. Because of its low cost, iPhone insurance is the best option for you.

You would have to pay a small extra fee if you ever had a claim to have it processed immediately. The new phone will then be sent to you without any hassles and additional costs. Thanks to your iPhone insurance, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on a new phone because you have covered your phone with a plan that covers these costs.


Wherever you decide to take your iPhone, one thing is for sure, once you have your iPhone and understand what a fantastic piece of technology it is, you probably want to protect it with insurance that adequately covers both you and your iPhone.

It is painful to lose your phone, especially when it could have easily been avoided. This is why iPhone insurance is so important. Avoid the situation of not being able to text, email, call, make appointments, and surf the web while on the go only because your phone has been stolen. To ensure you’re covered if something goes wrong, you need to protect your device properly by purchasing the appropriate insurance.

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