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What Does Ginseng Have to Do with Libido?

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The struggle to maintain one’s libido is one of the modern world’s most tragic secrets. Relegated to the bedroom, struggles with intimacy are hushed up – even though they’re both normal and extremely common. Low libido in men, in particular, can come from a variety of causes. Premature ejaculation, excessive alcohol consumption, and depression (many of which are lumped under the umbrella term “erectile dysfunction” or ED) can all exacerbate poor libido. Stress is another key contributor that has been particularly important in recent years.

“I noticed the stress factor spike during the pandemic,” explains fitness entrepreneur Tim Torfs. The creator of the natural libido-enhancing supplement Male Plus has worked as both a male beautician and fitness coach. “Since COVID-19,” Torfs continues, “I noticed a lot of stress and insecurities with my clients. During my coaching conversations, it was increasingly about libido. Working from home, lockdown, and that kind of stuff gets people fearful and worried. This amps up their stress and dampens their libido.”

Torfs knew that there were supplemental ways to address this issue, but he realized that there wasn’t a natural option in his home country, “In Belgium, there was no alternative food supplement that boosts your libido, so I worked on a capsule that stimulates blood flow in all parts of the body. Yes, including down under. That’s how Male Plus was born.”

Male Plus combines natural libido-enhancing ingredients like Tribulus Terrestris and Maca Root to stoke sexual desire. One key (and somewhat unexpected) ingredient, though, is Siberian Ginseng. Torfs explains that this ingredient provides indirect yet multi-functional libido support. Ginseng has the potential to help with ED symptoms by managing oxidative stress in blood vessels and tissues and increasing nitric oxide production and blood circulation. Beyond that, Ginseng is present in the Male Plus formula to boost energy, calm the body, and destress the mind. “While Tribulus Terrestris and Maca Root are there to help with function, Ginseng sets the stage,” explained Torfs, “It’s an important step. It may be a male stereotype, but you can’t just skip to the action if you want to restore a healthy sex life. Male Plus considers the entire intimacy experience. It genuinely helps individuals not just perform but have fun in the bedroom again.”

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