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What to Do If You Hate Wearing Condoms

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Condoms have been used as the contraceptive of choice for a very long time, and the history of condoms can be traced back as far as 3000 BC. Early on, a king invented the earliest condom by placing a goat’s bladder over a woman’s vagina as a way of avoiding sexually transmitted diseases. In ancient China, the use of fish bladders as contraceptives was also documented. All these histories show that people were aware of the importance of contraception and prevention of sexually transmitted diseases a long time ago.

Nowadays, condoms have come a long way, not only do they come in a variety of materials, but they are also effective in preventing STDs and pregnancy. However, for some men, they do not like to use condoms during sex. In the last few years, condom sales have dropped by almost 40 percent, probably due to the effects of the pandemic, but more and more men are now rejecting the use of condoms as a form of birth control.

Why are men giving up on using condoms during sex? There are a number of reasons why men are giving up on condoms, and I’m going to take you through why men don’t like using condoms and whether there are any alternatives to condoms.

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The fit just isn’t right

A major reasons why men hate using condoms is because they can’t find the right size; they may not hate using condoms, but if they can’t find the right size for them, it may cause them distress, which can lead to them giving up using condoms.

Every man’s penis size is different, and if you buy a condom without being sure of your size, you are likely to make the wrong choice, which could lead to the condom falling off during sex, or it could cause pain due to the condom being too tight, among other things, which could be uncomfortable for men.

You can measure the size of your penis and choose the correct size condom for your size. Or you can put on a penis ring after the condom to make sure that the condom does not come off.

Condoms irritate your skin

Some people don’t like to wear condoms because they are allergic to latex, their skin itches or develops rashes when it comes into contact with latex, or some people experience erectile dysfunction after using a condom, which not only affects the sexual experience, but can also put their health at risk.

But not all condoms are now made from latex, and there are many sex toys made from non-latex materials, such as polyisoprene or other new materials such as polyurethane. These new materials have a similar experience to latex, but without the latex allergy.

There are also some people who do not develop an allergy to latex, they are unable to accept the lubricants carried in condoms, so you can choose to use hypoallergenic lubricants or buy some condoms without lubricants.

You can’t feel pleasure with a condom

But the most men react to the problem of wearing condoms is that they can’t feel the pleasure in sex, because one can always feel a layer of latex between the two people’s skin, and even thinner condoms will feel like this, although it can help to prevent diseases and pregnancy, but it will cause inconvenience to sex and weaken the pleasure.

If you don’t like the feeling of condoms, you can also choose other forms of contraception, such as birth control pills or caps, etc. Try to choose non-emergency contraceptives, emergency contraceptives will bring great harm to the human body, and taking too much may lead to infertility. Non-emergency contraceptives need to be taken for a long time, but they are safer and more reliable for human beings.

In addition to this, you can also opt for non-penetrative sex, such as incorporating the use of sex toys or using oral sex as an alternative to penetrative sex. Since women’s main pleasure comes from the clitoris, they may not need penetrative sex to reach orgasm, so non-penetrative sex can be a perfect pleasure. You can try love honey rose, any woman who loves clitoral pleasure can’t resist it, and you can enjoy a summer sale when you buy it now. 

Condoms Often Break When You’re Using Them

Although condoms are one of the safest forms of contraception, there are still many people who develop breakage when using condoms. There are many reasons that can lead to a similar situation, perhaps they don’t add enough lubrication to their condoms or the condoms have exceeded their shelf life leading to a deterioration in quality. There are also some people who store condoms in their own close pockets, where the heat from their body can make them more fragile. You also need to check that the lubricants you use are not oil-based or petroleum-based, which are not only harmful to the body but can also cause condoms to break.

So learning to store and use condoms correctly can effectively prevent you from experiencing condom breakage during sex.

Ellen Diamond, a psychology graduate from the University of Hertfordshire, has a keen interest in the fields of mental health, wellness, and lifestyle.

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