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What Causes Dyslexia and How Can It Be Treated?

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Do you know anyone with difficulties understanding the letters, words, and numbers, or have experienced the same? Does your child face issues with reading or spelling and prefer avoiding it as much as possible? These struggles may seem to be common to you and are signs of dyslexia, understanding of which is important for all. 

Dyslexia is a learning disability that not just affects the person’s ability to read properly and process language but also encourages them to avoid learning and reading as much as possible. People with dyslexia usually have less interest in reading and learning. The major reason behind this is none other than their inability to catch and recognise words, letters, etc. properly. 

To many people, dyslexia is a mental condition that affects the mental state of the person. But it is just a myth. The truth is, that dyslexia is just a learning disorder that results due to different reasons. It is a disorder that can be treated but needs high attention and care to improve the reading ability of the dyslexic person.

Here are some common causes of dyslexia: 


Dyslexia is a disorder that is genetic. The children of dyslexic parents always remain at risk of dyslexia. It is a disorder that occurs due to issues in genes that are involved in brain functions. The brain of dyslexic people finds it tough to read and develop language. Those with a family history of dyslexia usually experience dyslexia more than others. If any parent of a child has dyslexia then there is around a 50% chance that the child will experience the same disorder. 

Brain-based problem 

Another cause of dyslexia is a brain-based problem. Many people with dyslexia are those who have a brain-based problem. Those who experience dyslexia due to a brain-based program find it tough to decode written language. The brain of dyslexic people processes information wrongly or improperly. For reading something, different parts of the brain are used by dyslexic people which they spell as well as read wrongly.

Many people have a misconception that people with dyslexia are mentally disturbed or stupid and lazy. But most dyslexic people usually have average or above-average intelligence. This means the disorder has nothing to do with the mental state of the person. Dyslexic people are mentally healthy but just face difficulties in reading or spelling a few words properly. 

How is dyslexia diagnosed?

Dyslexia seems to be tough to diagnose, but paying attention to its signs and symptoms helps to recognize the disorder at the right time. People with dyslexia usually show different signs of the disorder, which help diagnose it properly. Some common signs that dyslexia people show are:

  • Poor writing and spelling skills
  • Poor reading skills
  • Trouble remembering the names 
  • Difficulty in finishing assignments on time
  • Lack of interest in reading
  • Problems with directions 
  • Difficulty in reading maps

How dyslexia can be treated?

Dyslexia can be treated in different ways, but one of the best ways to treat this reading disorder is to hire a professional Orton Gillingham tutor. Orton Gillingham tutors are experts with a wider knowledge of the disorder as well as Orton Gillingham’s approach. Such experts offer their services to help dyslexic people of different ages. 

Professional Orton Gillingham tutors are certified experts with higher knowledge of the Orton Gillingham approach that further help them recognize the condition of dyslexic people. Such experts understand that the condition of each dyslexic person is different and thus needs a different type of attention, care as well as treatment to help them improve their understanding and well as reading skills. 

Final thoughts

Finding a professional Orton Gillingham tutor is quite tricky nowadays. The presence of different service providers makes it tough for you to pick the right one for you or your loved one. Just make sure the Orton Gillingham tutor you will hire is not just a professional but is also experienced as well as has a good reputation in the market. Checking the reputation and rating of the Orton Gillingham tutors helps you pick the right service provider. Also, make sure the one you are going to hire is available for the service. 

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