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What Is the Actual Effect of Medical Marijuana on the Human Body?

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Cannabis is considered to be an illegal drug that is harmful for people to use. However, medical marijuana helps in treatment, and is boldly prescribed by specialists. That is why medicinal marijuana doctors in Florida are in demand.

Legality of cannabis

There is no American law that would regulate this industry. Because of this, it is not so easy to get access to medical marijuana. However, there are medical centers that specialize in these services and help clients to achieve the desired result.

However, not everyone knows, but for a long time marijuana has been used for therapeutic purposes. Some sources indicate that it was practiced 1,500 years ago.

Disease relief

There are two main substances in cannabis: tetrahydrocannabinol and the cannabinoid tetrahydrocannabinol, the psychoactive component of cannabis. It  can create that very heady effect and change perception. The second component is the cannabinoid. It has no psychoactive effect on the brain.

So the difference between normal and medical marijuana is the relationship between two substances. Accordingly, medical marijuana needs to be dominated by the second component.

Medical experiments show that cannabinoid preparations can help people with various diseases. Doctors recommend them for nausea (it can happen during chemotherapy), Alzheimer’s disease, depression or epilepsy. A curious fact is that the cannabinoid can be found in some beverages and even decorative cosmetics.

There are studies that confirm that medical marijuana use slows the growth of cancer cells. Naturally, doctors do not advise to refuse chemotherapy in such cases and prescribe, for example, cannabis oil. However, such disease should be used in conjunction with therapy. 

In the laboratory, the effect of such drugs in incurable cancer is now being studied, since all the mechanisms of interaction between standard therapy and cannabis are not fully known. But in stage 4 metastatic disease, where the patient’s quality of life is a very important issue, many physicians are very liberal with this drug.

It is worth noting that the armed forces of one of the countries are conducting a large study of post-traumatic stress, which uses medical cannabis preparations. The study is not yet complete, but the preliminary results look very promising.

How to get permission from a doctor?

The process of obtaining approval for medical cannabis treatment is quite simple. To access such a medicine, the patient needs a prescription from a specialised doctor. The patient comes to a personal consultation with a doctor, who examines the entire history of the patient in detail and gives permission to receive such a drug.

At the legislative level, in some states, the treatment of cannabis is not prohibited, but each person must obtain a permit. If the doctor gives permission, then the patient goes to a special centre and receives cannabis. The quality of the drugs is very high, because the substance must be controlled by pharmaceutical companies.

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