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2 of the Western Worlds Biggest Ex-Gangsters to Make a Difference

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Stephen Gillen had grown up in the height of the troubles returning to London’s East End where, after going through trauma in a children’s home and going to prison first at age 14, they would go on to receive 17 years as a category A prisoner becoming one of Britains most notorious criminals.

Michael Franzese was the son of Sonny Franzese, the underboss of the fearsome New York Mafia Colombo Crime family at the time of serving 10 years. Michael Franzese was then noted by Time Magazine as the 17th richest Mafia boss of all time.

Big stories were confirmed behind them, and much media later, more amazing news is coming from these two fascinating life journeys as they are now joining forces to get needed positive messages and learning to people worldwide and in our inner cities.

Stephen Gillen, nominated in 2019 for an International Peace Prize, is now a CEO of a successful digital media and production company. A successful author, his life story is being translated to the silver screens early next year.  

Michael Franzese, now a Christian, bestselling author and broadcaster who just finished a very successful UK tour, has always got on famously with Stephen. He says he’s worked hard, like him at his transformation, improving people’s lives like him.  

Both men, redemptions complete and with a lot of work behind them, are now well placed to help where it is needed most in this area. They will also be working on inspirational TV series and other works to get positive messaging and learning out to our disaffected and troubled youth.

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