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Weight Loss Surgery in Turkey: Popular Procedures

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Turkey is among the top five popular countries for weight-loss procedures. According to summary data from Turkish clinics, the success rate of bariatric surgery in Turkey is above 90%. This makes the country one of the world leaders in the field of bariatrics. (obesityclinicistanbul)

Moreover, thousands of international patients travel to Turkey for their bariatric surgery. They are attracted to the low costs, high success rates, and different types of minimally invasive weight loss procedures.

Popular procedures available in the country’s clinic include gastric bypass surgery, sleeve gastrectomy, gastric banding, and gastric ballooning. All these procedures offer 50% to 70% weight loss. 

So, if you are also considering Turkey as your weight loss surgery destination, this blog is for you.

Benefits of weight-loss surgery in Turkey

There are many reasons why Turkish Clinics can be your best choice for weight loss surgery. These include:

Internationally accredited clinics

International organisations like JCI (Joint Commission International) and ISO accredit the majority of Turkish clinics that offer weight loss surgery.

These accreditations ensure that the clinic meets international safety and quality standards. 

Choosing internationally accredited clinics gives you peace of mind that you will receive safe treatment that meets international protocols. 

Some of the most popular Clinics in Turkey are:

  • Memorial Bahçelievler Clinic
  • Clinic Liv Ankara
  • Koç University Hospital 

Experienced bariatric surgeons

Surgeons of Turkey are highly qualified and experienced. Most of them have completed their training and specialisation in Western countries like the UK and the US.

They are also members of international societies like the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery. 

Their extensive training, experience, and international memberships ensure they are properly skilled in performing advanced weight loss procedures safely and effectively.

High success rates

Turkish clinics are known to offer high success rates of bariatric surgery. As per the data from various clinics, the success rates of the procedures are as high as 90% to 95%. (obesityclinicistanbul)

This is due to their experienced surgeons, advanced surgical techniques, and excellent post-operative care protocols.
Advanced techniques like robotic surgeries further increase success rates. 

This is because, in robotic surgery, minimally invasive techniques are used that reduce trauma to the body and allow rapid recovery with fewer complications.

VIP Services for international patients

Many Turkish clinics offer special services for international patients as they understand the specific needs that come with travelling for surgery. 

They may offer services such as: 

  • VIP airport transfers
  • Translation assistance
  • Air ambulance services
  • Hotel booking
  • Visa assistance

These services allow a smooth and comfortable experience throughout your journey.

Tourism opportunity

Turkey is one of the most famous tourist destinations. In 2023, within the first eight months, the country welcomed approximately 36.75 million tourists. [NetBlime]

The country has many attractive tourist spots, including The pools of Pamukkale, Hagia Sophia (the eighth wonder of the world), Patara Beach, Butterfly Valley, and much more.

Thus, you can combine your weight loss procedure with a relaxing vacation either before or after undergoing the surgery.

Turkey weight loss surgery cost

Affordability is another major benefit of choosing Turkey for your weight loss surgery.
The clinics in the country offer bariatric surgery at 50% to 70% lower costs than in Western countries like the USA, Spain, and Germany.

Here is a table of the estimated costs of different procedures in Turkey and other Western clinics:

Gastric Bypass$4,000$8,500$9,500$27,000
Sleeve Gastrectomy$3,250–$5,500$7,000$8,000$9,000–$27,000
Gastric Banding$5,000$6,500–$8,000$7,500–$9,000$13,000–$18,000
Gastric Balloon$2,500–4,000$3,500 – $5,000$4,000–$6,000$3,000–$8,000
Robotic Weight Loss SurgeryAdditional $2,000–$3,000 to all above proceduresAdditional $3,000–$4,000 to all above proceduresAdditional $3,500–$5,000 to all above proceduresAdditional $4,000–$8,000 to all above procedures

How to choose the best bariatric surgery clinic in Turkey?

Choosing the right clinic for weight-loss surgery in Turkey requires careful research and consideration of several key factors. 

The following are some factors to keep in mind:

Accredited and reputable hospitals

Always go for clinics that have quality management accreditations and certifications like ISA and JCI. The accredited clinics offer high-quality health care by following international safety standards. Additionally, research the clinic’s reputation for bariatric surgery and patient satisfaction. Look for reviews from previous patients. This will give you an idea of what to expect during your procedure.

Certified surgeon

Choose a clinic with certified surgeons. The Turkish Board of Medicine or, ideally, international boards, must certify them. Secondly, look for surgeons with at least 7–10 years of experience who have performed a large number of bariatric surgeries.  Lastly, it is better if the doctor has a specific specialty within bariatric surgery, like expertise in robotic techniques or a particular procedure (for example, gastric sleeve vs bypass).

Procedure options and aftercare services 

Research the types of bariatric surgery (gastric sleeve, bypass, etc.) offered at a specific clinic. Then, check if they align with your needs and preferences.
It is better to go for a clinic that offers advanced robotic techniques. This method has a better prognosis and higher success rates.

Moreover, the clinic should ensure that it offers a comprehensive aftercare programme. This might include diet plan guidance, rehab exercises, support groups, and psychological counselling. Proper aftercare helps you achieve long-term results.

Cost and transparency

Many clinics offer all-inclusive packages that include surgery, hospital stays, medications, and aftercare.

But it is important to consider any hidden fees. Look for clinics that offer clear pricing breakdowns. You can also ask the clinics about financing options if needed.

Services for international patients

Verify if the clinic offers translation assistance to ensure clear communication throughout your journey.

It is best to select a clinic that offers other services, such as airport transfers, accommodation assistance, and visa guidance. This will ensure a smooth and stress-free experience.

Assistance from medical tourism platforms 

You can also approach any reputed medical tourism platform, like ClinicsonCall. The medical coordinators will do all the research for you and will help you get connected with one of the best clinics according to your budget and requirements. Moreover, all the services of Cliniconcall are free, so you don’t have to worry about any additional costs.

How to travel to Turkey for weight loss surgery?

As discussed above, it is ideal to get the help of a medical tourism website to travel to the country without any hassle.

ClinicsonCall can take care of everything for your weight-loss surgery trip to Turkey. Just leave a request on their website, and a medical coordinator will be in touch to discuss all your needs.

Here’s how their medical coordinator will plan your travel:

  • They will help you choose the best clinic and bariatric surgeon in Turkey.
  • Then, they will help you get the best price for your weight-loss surgery.
  • You will be assisted with preparing your medical documents and application for the Visa.
  • The coordinators will book your flights and a comfortable hotel room for you and your companion for your entire stay.
  • They will also offer translation services to ensure clear communication throughout your trip.
  • They can also organise additional health and beauty programmes (these are optional).

ClinicsonCall will even assign you a personal assistant who will be available throughout your stay to answer any questions and ensure everything runs smoothly.


Turkey is one of the top five countries for weight loss procedures. This popularity is due to the countless benefits offered by the country, including accredited clinics, experience, the availability of advanced procedures, and high success rates.

The country’s clinics offer various procedures, such as gastric bypass surgery, sleeve gastrectomy, gastric banding, and gastric ballooning, with high success rates of 90–95%.

If you are interested in travelling to the country for your bariatric surgery, consider getting assistance from the medical tourism website ClinicsonCall.

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