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Why always do our calculations go wrong? We have got the answer to these questions. Many people think wedding photography is just about the photograph and poses. But it includes many details, which cost enough money.

Here are possible expenses that you should consider, but of course it’s different to each person. 


If you want a dream wedding photoshoot, you must save some money for the decorations. It does not mean you need to buy decorations, as you can easily rent them and save money. But it is worth knowing that decorations help to get the wedding vibes. 


This paragraph will not bother you if you are into traditional white bride dresses. However, if you wish to have a creative look for the photoshoot, you can consider checking Pinterest’s creative looks. 


If you want an exotic and unforgettable look, think about getting some creative accessories that will complete your look. However, do not forget to count them in the finances. 

Get ready for the shoot 

If you think you will need a hairdresser and makeup artist, then you should not forget to calculate the costs so that you can have a clearer picture of your expenses. 

Other expenses could also be relevant if you need to rent an apartment for the photoshoot or travel to another country or city. However, the points mentioned above are the most common for most people. 

Outdoor or indoor shooting

We know you are curious whether you should choose outdoor or indoor settings for wedding photography. 

The quick answer will be both. It would be better to have both indoor and outdoor shootings to save time and extra energy and reduce stress. You can have more options to pick from and be more relaxed about the process. 

Outdoor wedding photography

Always remember to take necessary items for outdoor wedding photography after checking the weather. For instance, in the hot summer, you might need paper towels, powder, sunscreen, etc. While in cold weather you might need warm clothes.

For outdoor wedding photography, you always need to be prepared with necessary items, as their absence can ruin the shooting process. And the other rule of thumb would be to check the place before the actual day of the shooting. The ideal version would be checking the location a day before the actual shooting, as you can realize some minor detail and at the same time organize your backstage. 

Indoor wedding photography

Indoor wedding photography will be joyful and fun if you care about good lighting. Lighting is the key for indoor wedding shooting. You can play with the lights, shadows, and different light effects and have incredible wedding pictures. 

Again, checking out the lights in the location is a must. This brings you one step near to successful wedding photography. Also, it can help you to think about some decorations or cut off some unnecessary accessories. 

It is essential to remember that outdoor and indoor wedding photoshoots need enough concentration to be successful. Be brave to add some extra decorations and shine. You can also consider street photography for the outdoor photoshoots as it would be unique and fun to have. However, we encourage you to follow your style and use the key point of this wedding photography guide.

Creativity and settings of wedding photography

While preparing for your wedding photography, many people try to stand out with their creativity and minimalism. Nowadays, the world leads people to have some standards. However, art and photography do not like prototypes. 

We suggest you forget the limits and work on your imagination to build the most creative masterpieces with your wedding photography. Relax and try to meet with some event management advisors; you can have several virtual meetings with such specialists as it will save time and money. 

And here, we will provide hints to work on your vision. 

Creative ideas for the wedding photography

Imagine you have your wedding pictures, then how will you use them? These questions will help you to figure out your wedding photography style. You are recommended to check wedding photo album ideas, so you can imagine how you can use your photographs.

Some people use their wedding pictures as home decorations; others use them for future family events, invitation letters, and posters. Thus there are no limits on how to use them, but one essential thing is to enjoy the process. 

Preparation process 

Checking out some ideas online is an excellent tool for preparation; however, if you personalize your wedding photographs, they will be more meaningful for you. Speak with your partner, friends, and family to get some inspiration. For instance, you can use some symbols from your childhood. Another romantic and excellent idea would be having a photoshoot in the cafe where you have had your first wine date. Thus the pictures can be many, and the essential task for you is to find what will work the best. 

Even though wedding photography planning and the overall process can be stressful, you always need to keep on your mind to enjoy the process. In the years after it, you will open your wedding photography album and start remembering all the details. Thus you can also use some mobile apps to design your own photo albums, as nowadays, many enterprise mobile app development agencies provide endless opportunities both for professionals and beginners. 

Final points

You are all set. You just need to sit down and take a pen and paper to brainstorm your ideas. Reread our guide to remember the critical points for organizing your finances backstage and the settings.

And remember, wedding photography is about joy and enjoyment, do not stress out and enjoy the process. 

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