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We Should Send Thank You Cards to Our Loved Ones

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We live in the digital age where saying thank you is as easy as shooting a quick text or forwarding a few emojis. But there’s nothing like sending a special, personalised thank you note. It shows how important the recipient is to you and how much you value their words, actions, and presence in your life.

You must be thinking, why say thank you more often in the first place? Research has proven that there are numerous benefits to showing gratitude. Below are some of them.

The importance of saying ‘thank you’

  • It is the simplest form of expressing gratitude. There are many ways to express gratitude. But saying thank you has to be one of the best yet often underestimated and overlooked ways of expressing one’s thankfulness. Whether you’re directing your thanks towards someone or simply saying it out loud, acknowledging how grateful you help you to focus on what you have instead of what you don’t. This includes appreciating what has been given to you by someone who has assisted you.
  • It improves your relationship with others and boosts morale in a more professional setting. A small thank you towards friends and family can work wonders, but even more so when they’re co-workers, colleagues, and customers. By saying thanks, you’re recognising their help and effort to support your endeavours. And by the end, you’ll not only make the person happy but yourself as well. As a result, they’ll associate good feelings with you and be more amicable, ultimately building a better relationship.
  • It can initiate a chain of goodwill that may come back to you. There’s a saying, “What goes around, comes around.” The practice of saying thank you to another increases your chances of being a recipient of another good action. As someone leading by example, you’ll also inspire other people to be like you. It’s likely they’ll be more willing to accept favours from you because they know you’ll pay it back and pay it forward.
  • It can enhance your health. Aside from helping you feel good, saying thank you improves your mental and even physical health. Some researchers say that showing gratitude enhances your self-esteem and helps you take challenges in stride. It also makes you sleep better and even strengthens your immune system.

With all these benefits, there’s no reason not to show your gratitude the next time thanks are in order. And in case verbal exchanges and face-to-face contact aren’t possible, why not send your thanks in the form of a thank you card?

If you haven’t written one before or need a refresher on how to write a better one, here are tips on how to create a well-thought-out thank-you card.

Tips to create a thank you card

  • Make it personal. When writing a thank you card, refrain from starting every sentence with I. Focus on the other person. Use their name in your notes to make them more genuine and heartfelt. Then, if you know or if memory permits mention their loved ones’ names as well. Make it more intimate by adding terms of endearment, especially if you have a long-established relationship.
  • Make your message clear, direct, and genuine. Instead of stopping at “thank you”, why not elaborate on why you’re thanking them? List down and specify the reasons you’re grateful for them and what they’ve done, no matter how small the action may seem. If you’re worried about writing the wrong thing, don’t be. No one will judge you for choosing to write full-on paragraphs or phrases in bullet points. After all, there’s no one-size-fits-all thank-you card template. As long as you’re direct and make your message clear to the recipient, your thank you will go a long way.
  • Be creative and design your card. A good first impression can create a lasting one. So, ensure that your message is delivered in a memorable manner that’ll bring a smile to the recipient’s face. Just because a thank you card is created digitally doesn’t mean that it can’t be personal and come from the heart. For non-artists, you can use platforms that can aid them in your endeavour like Canva. It has the tools you need to create a customised thank you card you won’t find in a physical store. 

Browse through thousands of ready-made thank-you card templates, choose the ideal one, and then unleash your inner artist. You’re free to put creative touches that remind you of the recipient. Include illustrations of their pet or add typography in their favourite colour. You can even attach photos of you and them together to show that they’re on your mind as you’re personalising your Canva template. Once you’re done editing, download your card, print it, and send it away. Or share it directly with the recipient via email or social media.

Now you have an idea of the benefits of showing gratitude. Plus, there’s an easy-to-use platform that places creative design at your fingers. So the next time you feel grateful, don’t forget to show it! Even a simple thank you can bring unintentional rewards for you and your loved ones. With very little effort, you can make them feel appreciated and make it clear that you are worth their investment.

When you send out thank you cards, you’re giving your loved ones the attention they deserve even when life gets in the way. Not only that, but you’re also giving yourself a chance to show your gratitude in a sincere and less time-consuming way. Whether it’s a formal occasion or just because following up your verbal “thank you” with a penned expression of gratitude increases the impact of your words and highlights your thoughtfulness.

In the end, when showing gratitude, it’s all about sincerity and intentions rather than grand gestures. So, as long as the spirit is there, even if you keep it simple, go for it. There’s no doubt that it will do good for the receiver and you as the giver. Who knows? It may just be the one thing that will make both your days a little bit brighter.

Dennis Relojo-Howell is the managing director of Psychreg.


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