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We Need to Inculcate the Practice of Finding Positivity at the Time of Uncertainty

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Every incident brings both positive and negative things along with it; the same pattern is followed by the COVID-19 pandemic. At one place where we all are drenched with miscellaneous negative emotions like stress and anxiety, there are some positive aspects too.

Although we are less involved in social gatherings, following various safety measures, but on the other side exploring ourselves with ‘me time’, spending time with family, connecting with old school friends whom we have forgotten in so many years, appreciating technology for giving us the opportunity for virtual meeting with friends and loved ones. So, yes, there is some positivity or at least we can think in another way to balance ourselves from these crisis times.

In unprecedented times, we can think, analyse and work on ourselves like a habit or weakness which we want to change or improve. There is immense time to follow our hobby and enjoy our leisure time. Due to this pandemic, there is a flood of webinars, videos, messages etc. to maintain an optimistic view towards life but it depends on us how we take them in.

Safety and health measures practices also provide us with the concept of self-care. It gives us the opportunity to love and care for our body and mind. We can regulate our thoughts, emotions and feelings. We can detach ourselves from technology and enrich our thoughts through reading good and inspiring literature. We can practice yoga and meditation to mute our negative emotions and unmute our inner happiness and understanding.

The additional benefit of following these safety measures is that we get confidence to avoid the possible threats to infection. This confidence kept us moving out of all pessimistic thoughts and feelings. Although the pandemic times have given us lots of uncertainty, but at the same time out of all negativism it also gave us a chance to pause or stop and think and analyze our feelings, thoughts and emotions.

Additionally, we should learn how to change negative thought processes into positive ones to stay hopeful and optimistic. Although the uncertain times often bring emotions in a roller-coaster way and mostly gloomy ones as we, generally, came to know about the incidents of infections and death of our near and dear ones but we should keep in mind that there are people who are at the worst level than us. These people couldn’t afford their two times meals a day and they are far away from the basic necessities of life. At least, we are blessed in most of the things and this feeling should be assimilated in positive vibes.    

Another step towards positivity would be the acceptance of your emotions. It is quite obvious to feel multiple positive and negative emotions during uncertain times. We should not suppress and ignore our negative emotions for the sake of our image in front of others. It is essential to accept our negative emotions as it will provide a conscious understanding and nature of the emotion. It is a well-known fact that suppression of a feeling or emotion can lead us to pile up those things and could blast us in future which is not a good thing. We have to accept it as we assimilate them and we also can exchange that negative thoughts and emotions with the positive substitute. Acceptance of emotions after thorough understanding also taught us a very important process that is, emotional regulation. Regulation of emotions will further lead to the mastering of our emotions which is a characteristic of a balanced human personality.

Keep yourself busy through a defined schedule of learning and fun activities. Take short breaks in between. Explore the diverse hidden areas in your personality. Work on your weaknesses and analyse opportunities which best suit you. We can definitely use this golden opportunity to understand, regulate and manage ourselves.   

Undoubtedly, pandemic time is tough and uncertain but change is natural and certain. Nothing lasts forever and it is the law of nature, therefore, this crisis situation will also pass. Keep moving and doing the best things for you and others and make yourself comfortable with whatever emotions, feelings and thoughts you have. Be positive and try to spread this positivity towards your surroundings.

Parul Kalia is a PhD researcher at the Department of Human Development and Family Studies at Punjab Agricultural University. 

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