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We Have to Nurture Love

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Without love one is an empty shell. You may work, hope,dream, seek riches and power, but your conflicts and suffering will continue. The absence of love creates an emptiness that cannot be filled by an ambition, success, pleasure, or possession. Fear grows in this emptiness. But where love exists,there is fullness and life.

We all have known the beauty of love and the possessiveness that follows. This possessiveness leads to jealousy and to anger.But can possessiveness. Do jealousy and anger co-exist with love? They cannot.The one destroys the other. Love eradicates personal hatreds and jealousies or possessiveness destroys love.

True love has no object It is a state of being. It is the infinite beauty of life that blossoms when we see the pettiness of our jealousy,the futility of our possessiveness and the root of our anger.There is no possibility of love while we are pursuing our own demands and desires,or own private pleasures.

Love is not pleasure or sensation and it cannot be found through gratification or self fulfillment.If we are filled with ambitions and expectations or are fearful,jealous and envious then we have no room for love. It is only when the mind is quiet,when we forget ourselves,that love can come into being. We cannot love while we each live in or own world,at the moment concerned with ourselves.

When we seek inner security through outward relationships, we are using relationship as a means of escape from loneliness.We depend on another for comfort, companionship, or pleasure. We use one another. This state is not love.

We claim to love but our love is based on sex or pleasure,personal security or need.We find escape through love or seek to find some internal void.For most love is a means to some end a way to gain happiness or sustain some ideal.If our love relationships lack true dept,bring jealousy and anger,and offer only limited harmony,then what hope have we for any other relationship.

When we touch the root of love,we find that only one love exists.The romantic love the love for a child,brother or parent.The love of God and then love for mankind are all the same love.

The family tie is the closest, the most tender and sacred of any on earth. It was designed to be a blessing to mankind. Upon parents depends in a great measure the well being of their children in the world.

Our programme at Sobriety Holidays is a journey of recovery, where you can find a homely environment empowering people to find their way.

If you embrace us during your stay,we will endeavor to give you loving kindness. Feeling of worth will flourish in an atmosphere where individual differences are appreciated,mistakes are very much tolerated,communication is open and rules benefit all.

The kind of atmosphere that nourishes a safe haven called ‘home’.

Patrick Powell is the founder of Sobriety Holidays. He is an author and a recovering alcoholic sober since 1997. 

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