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We Created a Solution for Men Fighting Addiction: An Interview with Viacheslav Rastashanskiy, Creator of Super Lithium

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In the fight against addiction, men often face particularly steep challenges. Recent studies show that 22% of men have used drugs in the past year, and they are also more likely than women to misuse opioids and prescription painkillers. But addiction to drugs is not the only one with which men struggle all over the globe; alcohol, smoking, gaming, or food – and the list is not yet complete. Working on this critical issue requires not only understanding but also innovation.

We spoke to Viacheslav Rastashanskiy, founder of Normopharm Inc., head of the Super Lithium development team, and mental health expert, who created a unique solution aimed specifically at helping men overcome addiction. Today, his modern dietary supplement, Normotim, helps men across the planet fight destructive carvings. 

What is Normotim’s lithium ascorbate? 

Normotim’s lithium ascorbate is an innovative compound that combines the mood-stabilising properties of lithium with the potent antioxidant benefits of vitamin C, or ascorbic acid. This unique formulation is designed to support mental health on multiple levels. It helps stabilise mood fluctuations, enhances cognitive functions, and fights oxidative stress, making it an excellent option for preventing unstable emotional conditions, as well as supporting general mental well-being. Our goal with the Normotim team was to create a solution that not only addresses specific mental health issues but also contributes to the overall emotional and psychological resilience of individuals.

How does lithium ascorbate work when fighting addictions? 

Understanding how addictions form can be quite complex, but at the heart of it all are neurotransmitters like endorphins – the body’s own “pleasure hormone”. When something boosts endorphins, whether it’s a thrilling game or a substance, it feels good. Naturally, people want to experience that pleasure again, which can start a cycle of dependency that’s tough to break. Over time, the body craves more as the initial highs become harder to reach, pushing people to increase their doses or engage more frequently in the behaviour.

Lithium ascorbate cleverly blocks the release of endorphins so that, even though the addictive activity or substance is still present, it doesn’t bring the same joy. Imagine trying the same thing over and over, but the thrill just isn’t there – it makes you stop and think, “Why keep doing this?” When we introduced Normotim in clinical trials for addiction treatment, it earned the nickname “a high ender” among patients because it effectively disrupts the cycle of the joy of being high.

One of the key strengths of Normotim’s lithium ascorbate in addiction prevention is its ability to get over psychological cravings and ease withdrawal symptoms. Managing these symptoms is crucial for men trying to overcome addiction. Lithium ascorbate works by affecting neurotransmitter pathways—these are the brain’s chemical messengers involved in addiction. By reducing the intensity of cravings, it makes it easier for individuals to resist the urge to relapse. It also helps alleviate the discomfort that comes with withdrawal, making the recovery process more bearable.

How did you come with the idea of combining vitamin C and lithium compounds? 

In the addiction treatment market, lithium has been the primary option, yet its use requires meticulous attention to dosing and management, which can be a significant challenge. Recognising the need for a more patience-friendly alternative, we combined lithium with Vitamin C to create lithium ascorbate. This new formulation retains the therapeutic benefits of lithium while using the antioxidant properties of Vitamin C to increase overall treatment efficacy and ease of use. This combination now offers a more balanced approach, making it a practical choice for those managing addiction. Over years, lithium ascorbate has become 

12 times safer and 10 times more effective in low dosage. 

Reducing cravings and withdrawal symptoms are the main focus of Normotim. Are there any supporting effects? 

Besides reducing cravings and easing withdrawal symptoms, Normotim’s Lithium Ascorbate also stimulates brain activity and supports the body’s detoxification process. It enhances cognitive functions and mental clarity, helping individuals stay focused during recovery. Fighting addiction is an incredibly stressful process. It involves breaking a tough habit and often leads to mood swings, aggressiveness, depression, and anxiety. Normotim is designed to help with exactly these issues.

How does lithium ascorbate impact men’s mental health?

Fighting addiction indeed places a significant strain on mental health, particularly for men who may face societal pressures about seeking help. As I said earlier, Normotim combines lithium’s mood-stabilizing properties with the antioxidant benefits of Vitamin C. This mix helps smooth out mood swings and lowers stress, which is crucial for sustaining recovery efforts. Additionally, Vitamin C helps your brain produce more serotonin, improving overall mental resilience. I believe this comprehensive support is great for men working through addiction recovery, helping them stay committed to their path towards sobriety.

Viacheslav Rastashanskiy says: “Men often face specific challenges when fighting addictions due to several reasons. Biologically, men might have stronger cravings and more severe withdrawal symptoms because of differences in how their bodies process substances. Psychologically, cultural expectations about masculinity can make men less likely to seek help for addiction, as they are often expected to be self-reliant and not show vulnerability. Socially, men may also be more exposed to situations where substance use is encouraged, which can make recovery more difficult. These factors combine to create unique hurdles for men in addiction recovery, emphasising the need for tailored support strategies.”

Today, Normotim and its lithium ascorbate stand out as a great solution for males grappling with various types of addictions. In our discussion with Viacheslav Rastashanskiy, the depth of thought behind this innovative treatment becomes apparent. Super Lithium is not just a means to alleviate withdrawal symptoms; it’s a comprehensive approach designed to tackle the unique mental and physical challenges men face in addiction recovery.Viacheslav is offering hope and practical support to those ready to start on a journey towards a healthier, addiction-free life. This commitment to understanding and addressing the specific needs of men in recovery is what makes Normotim a noteworthy advancement in the psychological overcoming of different sorts of addiction.


The information provided in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and should not be construed as medical advice. Ask your doctor before taking Normotim.

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