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StaffScapes, Denver PEO, Endorses Effective Ways to Show Employees They Are Appreciated

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The presence of employee appreciation can often lead to long-term loyal employees. A work environment that promotes employee encouragement and recognition is more likely to result in higher productivity levels. The critical influence employee appreciation has on an individual’s life can often lead to a purpose-fuelled work ethic. 

A Westminster College poll on employee motivation revealed the evidence that 69% of employees would exert a more effort-driven work ethic if they knew their company leadership appreciated their work. 

StaffScapes, a human resource solution centre based out of Denver, Colorado, has HR experts who often encourage the companies they partner with to explore effective methods that show their employees appreciation. Below, StaffScapes shares these effective ways:

Feed your employees

Food is a universal staple in all cultures, and a great way to show employees how much their presence in the workplace is appreciated.

Whether it is donuts in the morning, or catered food in the office for lunch, your employees will always enjoy when you feed them. 

Social media shout out

Today’s technology has pushed many people’s social hour to the internet. Social media is one of the most common ways people connect in the world, and it is a perfect platform to recognise an employee for their fantastic work. Put up a post of admiration and tag your employee in it. It also is good for brand building efforts to give credibility to employees publicly.

Reward with opportunity

Quality employees often look for promotion opportunities within the company. If an employee has gone above and beyond with their work drive and productivity rates, offer a free all-expense paid course or class that can help further their skill development to support their progression to the next industry level. 

Reward uniquely

Bob in the warehouse saved three orders from being delivered late and avoided the possible loss of clientele when he covered the scheduled driver’s shift on his birthday. This scenario sounds like the perfect opportunity for any business owner to show their genuine gratitude.

Bob loves lottery tickets, so the next day, he feels appreciated when he finds the surprise of 20 random unscratched lottery tickets. Employers benefit the most when they get to know an individual and uniquely reward him or her based on personal taste. 

Provide flexible scheduling

Help an employee feel valued for more than what they produce at work. When you start to notice an unhealthy work/life balance, and the imbalance is substantial with work, offer flexible scheduling to assist in encouraging a healthy lifestyle.  

Involve employees in company decisions

To create an environment that embraces trust and open communication, StaffScapes recommends involving employees in more significant company decisions such as picking which charity to give donations to or suggesting improvements in the workplace to increase productivity levels.

By involving everyone on all levels of employment in big picture decisions, you instil purpose and fulfilment in regards to where the individual sees themselves contributing to the company as a whole. 

About StaffScapes

StaffScapes is a great resource to utilise if you are a business owner looking to outsource your Human Resource work to an experienced partner who simplifies one of the most complex and demanding areas of business. Another option is using an outsource recruitment agency in Dubai that can help with finding the right talents that will assist your organisation. 

StaffScapes says: ‘Our approach starts with People because employees are the lifeblood of your organisation. They are what makes everything tick. They are the most important yet most challenging assets you have. Our PEO services will aid your company in incorporating the best HR practices, such as pay, benefits, growth opportunities, and safety to make your organisation the “Employer of Choice”.’


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