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Boost Your Positivity – Here Are 5 Ways to Achieve Self-Fulfilment

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Many of us feel that personal happiness does not matter or cannot be achieved because of what is happening around us. Different factors may come in: health, work, family, and friends relationship. These are what hamper us from achieving self-fulfilment in life. However, self-fulfilment cannot be achieved through quantifiable things that we can purchase, and this is the product of our mindset as we reflect and be contented with what we have. 

On our continuous quest to achieve our life’s dreams, it is better if we know that there are people whom we can rely on, someone we can call whenever we need help.

But have you ever wondered what it takes to learn to search for your happiness?  We do not have to feel sorry if things do not go the way we planned. Instead, we must exert more effort on the things that matter to us. 

Here are some ways to achieve self-fulfilment:

Be positive and begin with positivity

As you wake up each day, decide to be in a good mood. The power of positivity starts with how you welcome a new day and try to do better than you did yesterday. Embrace positivity and radiate it towards others. 

Start writing your story of success

We write our story, try to begin yours. Successful people do not get into their niche quickly. Make each day an adventure to complete the chapter of your success story. Little steps contribute a lot and you can enjoy celebrating simple steps towards your dreams. 

Celebrate all your achievements

Achievements at work, in school, or unlocking a new hobby, whether small or big, are worth celebrating. Give yourself recognition, treat yourself to your favourite coffee shop, or buy something that will remind you of your achievement.

Make it your turn

Remember that no one is in charge of your happiness. It is your turn to make your own. We do not blame other people for what we do not have, but we take charge of our destiny and self. Once we achieve it, it is rewarding. 

Offer a helping hand

You know what, it feels great if we are helping ourselves and can extend our help to other people. Give up your time to listen and spend time talking to those who need someone. This will mean a lot. 

The search for self-fulfilment is to find happiness within you, reflect on all the things you are doing, and set goals on all you want to achieve in life. 

Rona dela Rosa is the content manager of Psychreg. She is an Associate Professor at the Polytechnic College of the City of Meycauyan.


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