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Bryn Carden Shares 5 Ways to Show Someone You Care About Them

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Care plays a significant role in any relationship. The more care present in a relationship, the better chance it has to strengthen and flourish. It is critical to remember that you can show someone you care through small thoughts and actions of connection, validation and acceptance, authenticity, and supportiveness. 

Bryn Carden, a young entrepreneur and philanthropist, is passionate about many things, including mentoring and donating her time to spread care. She impacts other’s lives as a participant on the Neeley Mentorship Program and Riff Ram Reading Program as well as through her organisations that she founded, Styles for Smiles, and co-founded, BF Hats. From the success of her personal experience, Bryn Carden eagerly shares five ways to manifest care towards another. 

Let your actions speak louder than your words

There is a common phrase that you possibly have heard once before: “Let your actions speak louder than your words.” When you want to show someone that you care, providing authenticity, or the quality of being genuinely real will go a long way and can be easier recognized through actions rather than words. Showing someone that you care through thoughtful actions reflects an honest attitude rather than what you say. 

Give the gift of time

Showing supportiveness is another way to make someone feel that you care, and that can be done through giving the gift of time. Being supportive of another does not mean you have to devote all of your time to them, but providing quality time does matter. Whether you are going out of your way to send a nice text message on someone else’s important day, cheering on someone else at their sports event, or grabbing a cup of coffee with someone and offering a listening ear, all time given is a gift to show you care. 

Send a letter

Providing a means of connection to someone is a way to show care. A simple and elegant way to reach out to someone with no strings attached is to send a letter. ‘Thank you’ cards traditionally show care about what someone else has done for you, but your letter of care does not have to fall into that specific category. It can be a ‘thinking about you’ type of card that someone might not expect. 

Make a meal

Making a meal for someone is a great way to show care. Usually, when someone else is going through a tough time, supplying a meal is a mannerism to communicate care. However, you do not have to wait for someone to go through a hard season to send a meal out of consideration. 

Pick your battles

Giving validation and acceptance to another is an excellent way to show that you care about someone. Humans share a commonality of wanting to be seen for the individual they are and accepted as their authentic selves. Cautiously choosing to pick your battles or steer clear of arguments helps to communicate validation and acceptance. You will find yourself being more of a friend than an opinionated individual. 

About Bryn Carden 

Bryn Carden is a versatile young entrepreneur with a deep sense of compassion and the desire to help make the world a better place. In 2017, she founded Styles for Smiles, a company selling bracelets to support the Smile Train Organization. The proceeds from selling Bryn’s designs have already helped fund cleft palate repairs for 16 children in developing countries. BF Hats, another design brand Bryn is engaged in, donates a portion from every purchase to Ronald McDonald House of Dallas, combining Bryn’s passion for style and philanthropy. 

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