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5 Ways to Reduce Stress During Graduation

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Graduation is a monumental milestone, acting as a transition to your post-college life. The journey towards it requires attention to detail while planning to keep stress at bay. From ensuring all your academic papers to understanding the event’s schedule, you have several things to do to ensure the period is more productive and fun.

Order your regalia early

During the peak graduation period, the demand for graduation attire increases. The only way to beat this is by sourcing your regalia early to avoid long lineups or a last-minute rush. You also get a chance to pick pieces of the right size while being assured of getting all the necessary accessories like honour cords, graduation medallions, and collars.

For more convenience, consider ordering yours online. Apart from saving you time, you can filter the options faster based on size, grade level, and fabric. This allows you to quickly spot the gowns and caps that are a perfect fit, saving you the hassle of making adjustments. As you place your order, confirm the delivery times with the store to make your planning easier. Read some reviews from recent buyers to determine the satisfaction levels to expect.

Develop a structured plan

Consider having an organised way of perfectly handling the different tasks linked to graduation. You want to start by splitting the final team projects and assignments into manageable tasks. Start by having a proper timetable that gives each task a fair share of time. It ensures that you complete everything in time and without feeling rushed.

You could also consider using planners and digital apps to monitor your schedule. Most importantly, be realistic as you allocate time for every session, which can go a long way in reducing anxiety. Feel free to borrow some ideas from your peers on how to control time better.

Attend rehearsals

If you want confidence and a sense of preparedness, ensure you attend all the pre-graduation activities. This allows you to learn the seating arrangements, the overall sequence of events, and the student’s expectations. This saves you from last-minute stress and panic when you know the ceremony’s flow well.

You also interact with classmates during rehearsals, sharing thoughts and concerns. This camaraderie creates a perfect time to discuss the best presentations and speeches, which can be self-assuring.

Connect with supportive people

The people you keep around during graduation significantly impact how comfortable you’ll be throughout the period. You want a circle of family and friends who will offer the right encouragement and assist in making the event successful.

Retaining such a company allows you to express yourself, which can be empowering. You could also use the university’s mentorship and student programmes to increase your networking and support base. This may connect you with school alumni and mentors who can usher you into the next stage.

Take time for yourself

Even as you do everything to ensure the graduation preparations are on point, it’s good not to compromise your health. Carve out time for personal time to unwind and re-energise. You could use such moments to engage in your favourite activities: watching movies, reading, or meditation.

This also gives you time to reflect on your journey since joining the school and your progress. Focusing on the positives can be a great source of encouragement.


Graduating from school is a significant achievement and can be overwhelming. Be meticulous with your plans, starting with finding ways to beat time. Order all your graduation supplies early and be aware of every phase of the main event. Consider surrounding yourself with people who understand your journey and are willing to give you the proper support.

Samantha Green, a psychology graduate from the University of Hertfordshire, has a keen interest in the fields of mental health, wellness, and lifestyle.

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