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7 Ways to Keep Yourself Feeling Young

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As the popular saying goes, you are just as young as you feel; but the world is tough, and we don’t always feel as good as we would like. Maintaining a youthful outlook on life often feels like an impossible task. 

With bills to pay, deadlines to meet, and goals to chase, reliving the carefree days of our younger days is almost impossible. Here are a few tips to help you feel young no matter how old you are. 

Keep good company

The friends you keep around you influence many aspects of your life. With time, they may affect the way you feel. The right company should make you feel appreciated and happy. Socialising with the wrong people, on the other hand, holds you back. It makes it difficult to live out your full potential. If you want to feel young, stay around happy, fun, and adventurous people. They should have similar goals. 

Being around people who are keen on moving forward and enjoying life will help you stay energized. They will make you feel like you are living your best years. Those with limited goals or bad energy will be a constant reminder that you aren’t getting any younger. With them around, you will always be thinking about the past and how your best days may be behind you. 

Play online games

Slots and other online games can make you feel younger. They help you maintain cognitive function and improve your ability to multitask. The games can keep your mind sharp while helping you maintain child-like wonder. Reports suggest that playing games and keeping your mind active may lower your risk of Alzheimer’s disease. 

Slots and other games can boost your memory. According to a study by the Medical Journal of the Islamic Republic of Iran, games can help you remember what you heard. 

Most young players enjoy online slots. They are easy, accessible, and fun. Today, there are lots of online gambling sites and apps that you can download in just a few seconds. Learn more about some of the best slots sites in Pennsylvania at slots.info. They offer both new and classic slots. 

Enjoy the small things

People who find joy in the small things are likely to feel young. Life today can be tough and most people do not stop to appreciate the small things that matter. Kids enjoy small and silly things like rolling down hills, catching snowflakes from the sky, and jumping into puddles. They smile without waiting for something big to happen. 

Even though many adults do not have the privilege of rolling in the mud or chasing butterflies, there are lots of things to appreciate. Celebrate the days you beat traffic on the way back from work, take a good picture of your dog, or have a perfect hair day. Being grateful for small things will make you even more grateful for bigger things.  

Look for the little joys of life actively and embrace them.  Remember to smile no matter how rough your life may be at the moment. There is always something to be grateful for. 

Spend some time with young people

Nothing powers your youthfulness more than spending some time with the young. You become the people that you spend most of your time with. Consider being a mentor or teaching younger people from your life experience. Teaching what you know to a younger person is highly rewarding. 

Consider volunteering to an NGO with young people that could learn from your experience. Alternatively, you can spend some time with your younger cousins, nieces, nephews, children, or grandchildren. 

Keep learning

A youthful mind is flexible and always willing to learn. If people refer to you as ‘old-fashioned,’ they may simply be saying that you are behind the times. If you adopt the mindset that you are not young enough to do or learn some things, you will feel old. 

The world is constantly changing and there is always an opportunity to educate yourself. All the education you need is at your fingertips. You are never too old to learn about new technologies or habits. Create the habit of learning something new every day and you may soon be just as informed as the youngsters. 

Exercise regularly 

Nothing makes you feel older than physical inactivity. If you are physically unable to do things that you once enjoyed, you are likely to feel older than you really are. Try to exercise often especially as you get older. As your body gets more fragile, it needs more exercise. 

With the wide variety of workout videos on the internet, you don’t need to leave your house to exercise. Try short and simple exercises at home and they will be part of your lifestyle in no time. 

The benefits of a steady workout routine include stronger muscles, a healthy weight, and the ability to keep chronic illnesses away. Your clothes will fit better, and you will feel better. 

Physical activity takes years off your age. It leaves your skin looking and feeling soft. No matter how old you are, looking young will help you feel young. A 30-minute sweat session every morning can improve your mindset as well. It builds resilience and confidence in yourself. 

Exercise can improve your sex drive. It improves your mood, posture, and metabolism. It can help your heart work better. 

Rekindle your sex life

Nothing makes you feel more youthful than an active sex life. Having sex twice every week will have you ageing backwards. Get your partner on the same page, and make an effort to fire up your sex life. New experiences, positions, and places should be enough to get you back on track. 

If you have dull skin that has been making you feel older than you are, regular sex may be just what the dermatologist prescribed. It can brighten your complexion and clear adult acne. 

Intercourse improves your immunity and prevents stagnation. It helps you sweat out the toxins and may create a dewy glow. 

Helen Bradfield did her degree in psychology at the University of Edinburgh. She has an ongoing interest in mental health and well-being.

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