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12 Simple and Easiest Ways to Get More Likes on YouTube

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YouTube is a fast-growing platform and offers many creators huge success. Whether you’re an artist, video creator, or business owner, YouTube offers you a way to grow your audience and get more out of your content. 

YouTube likes are especially important. The more likes your video gets, the more people it will be recommended to through the algorithm. Learning how to promote your page and get the possible likes is the best way to see growth on your channel.

If you are looking for how to get likes on YouTube, you’ve come to the right place. Check out these twelve easy ways to reach a bigger audience and get more likes on your quality videos. 

Here are some simple and efficient ways to get more likes on YouTube. They are easy to follow and implement, making sure you’ll see progress soon!

Make creative and attractive titles

The first way you catch a viewer’s attention is your video title, so don’t waste it. Having an eye-catching title that guides attention to your video is the fastest way to attract a viewer. 

Make sure your titles stand out, too. Too many titles are similar to each other and don’t sound creative, causing them to blend in. If you want to attract a viewer to like your video, you have to find a title that stands out from the bunch.

After you get their attention with a cool title, the rest comes easy. Now you can count on that viewer to like your video when you post content you are proud of.

Avoid long and boring titles

Just like the first tip, this goes hand in hand with catching attention. Would you give time out of your day to a video that seemed boring at first glance? Probably not. 

One of the most important aspects of titles is to make them intriguing enough to stand out among thousands of other videos. This means they need to be attractive and not boring. Boring titles will turn away users before watching your videos, which we want to avoid.

So, focus on attractive titles that viewers won’t be able to resist. On a site as interesting as YouTube, there is no room for a boring video.

Create exceptional content 

After you can catch the attention of a user with your title, your next job is to keep them tied in with some quality content. 

Exceptional content means it stands out among the other videos on the platform, and it offers something fun and attractive to your viewers. If you know what kind of content your audience likes watching, be sure to produce the best quality of it, so they’ll keep coming back.

Every video you post should be the best possible and no less. Posting rushed videos will turn away your audience rather than have them coming back time after time. Always put in your best effort.

Use catchy thumbnails 

Thumbnails are an easy way to catch attention as someone scrolls down their YouTube home page. Creative and unique thumbnails attract viewers, which will turn into more likes for your page. 

What is important to a user is something different on every video they watch. If you post reused thumbnails or photos that are not your own, users won’t be impressed and are not likely to stay and watch. 

The best thumbnails usually include the creator’s face, an exciting photo in the background, and large words that explain what is inside. By following these easy steps, your thumbnails will get you more viewers, which will turn into more likes on your videos.

Add proper hashtags

Hashtags are the newest way to get your videos trending and on the new users’ suggested list. This means that as more people watch your content, the more likely it will be recommended for others to watch because of its popularity. 

When you know how to use hashtags correctly, they can be greatly used to your advantage. The best way to use hashtags is to do research first on what is trending and then find what ones relate to you best. Use the hashtags under your video, usually about 5-10, and see how many new users will find your page.

Understand your audience by interacting 

This step is crucial in order to post the content that will get you optimal views and likes. By understanding your audience, you can post the content they are looking for and want to watch. This will increase your views and likes and will ensure you don’t post videos that won’t be recognized. 

Some easy ways to do this are to have community groups where your viewers can give you comment suggestions. You can simply use their video ideas and post what they are interested in or ask them what you could be doing better. Build a great connection, and they’ll keep coming back for more.

Create playlists

Playlists are a YouTube function that allows creators like you to group your videos by topics that align well. This makes it easy for viewers to find more videos like the one they chose to watch if it is grouped into an applicable playlist.

Playlists are a great way to get more likes and views. Users will continue to stick around and watch if they have the views easily accessible to them. Take some time to make great playlists that will attract viewers to see views go up on your videos, even the older ones!

Utilise end screens 

End screens are the last clip in your video. Here you can give a clear call-to-action, asking your viewers to complete something that will help you.

For example, you could ask them to subscribe to your page or like your video. This makes it easy for them to understand what you want from them, and they are more likely to do so.

Collaborate with other YouTubers

Collaborations are a great way to get more reach on the YouTube platform, giving you an entirely new audience. You will likely get the views of the other creators’ channels if you post a video featuring them. 

Collaborations make it likely you’ll get an increase in views and then likes following this. This is a great way to promote your page through other users as well.

Promote on other social platforms 

You can get a much bigger audience if you promote your videos on other social media platforms. For example, posting your thumbnails to Instagram or Snap Chat is likely to grab viewers from there who will watch you on YouTube.

A bigger audience is the easiest way to get more likes on your videos. Promoting on other social media makes this easier to do by having a much larger audience.

Host giveaways to your audience 

Giveaways are an easy way to increase your viewers and to promote them to do an action. For example, giving a like to your video could give them a chance to win big! These enticing opportunities are loved by viewers across the platform. 

Giveaways are easy to manage and run. Ask your viewers to like and subscribe to your page for a chance to win something, and they are likely to do this. This will increase your likes and also make your popular videos more like to be suggested to others through the algorithm.

Make use of the service providers

By far, the easiest way to get more likes on your YouTube videos is to purchase likes from a trusted company. Purchasing likes it easy and safe to do and will help take care of the hard part of growing your channel.

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Use this company to fasten your growth on YouTube. Purchasing likes, in the beginning, makes it easier to have your account recommended by the algorithm, which will give you organic likes in the near future. 

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By following these simple and fast tips, you can grow your account by getting more likes. Turn your YouTube channel into a working business by expanding your audience and making money through the platform. 

These steps are easy to follow and have helped plenty of creators turn their channels into popular accounts. Don’t forget that you can buy YouTube likes as one of the fastest ways to grow your page into something great. 

Follow these steps and see how many YouTube likes you can get.

Alicia Saville did her degree in psychology at the University of Edinburgh. She is interested in mental health and well-being.

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