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8 Ways to Cure Erectile Dysfunction

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Erectile dysfunction is when a man cannot get and maintain an erection strong enough for sexual relations. A study found that ED affects more than 18 million men (18.5%) in America’s male population aged 20 and above. Erectile dysfunction’s crude prevalence was over 50% in males with diabetes. Many factors affecting the nervous, endocrine, and vascular systems can contribute to or cause ED.

Specific illnesses, conditions, medications, emotional/psychological issues, and health-related behaviors and factors like smoking lead to erectile dysfunction. ED negatively impacts a victim’s self-esteem and their relationship with their spouse. This post outlines eight ways to cure erectile dysfunction.

Use oral medications/pills

Erectile dysfunction oral medications help create an erection solid enough for sexual intercourse in around 70% of males. However, the outcomes may differ a little from one victim to another. Men whose arteries or nerves are damaged by diabetes, cardiovascular disease, or prostate surgery won’t respond as well to erectile dysfunction. Avanafil, tadalafil, vardenafil, and sildenafil help alleviate ED symptoms by boosting blood flow to the penis, causing an erection.

These medications treat pulmonary artery hypertension (PAH) to relax the lungs’ blood vessels for easy blood flow. Before consuming any oral medications for ED, consult your doctor and follow the guidelines. Using quality medication such as UPGUYS Viagra, you can improve your ED symptoms and ensure firm erections that last enough for sexual intercourse.

Start working out

Arterial dysfunction is the primary cause of ED, with cardiovascular illness as the common co-occurring condition. ED is connected to cardiovascular risk elements like physical inactivity, hypertension, metabolic syndrome, and obesity. Physical activity protects against erectile concerns and improves erectile function in men with vascular erectile dysfunction.

Pelvic floor or Kegel exercises are an excellent way to strengthen a man’s bulbocavernosus muscle responsible for letting the penis glut with blood in an erection, pumping during ejaculation, and emptying the urethra after urinating. Incorporating aerobic workouts into your routine also combats ED. Pilate exercises, including pelvic curls, knee fall-outs, and foot raises, help build and strengthen pelvic floor muscles, helping with ED.

Invest in a healthy diet

Consuming specific foods or adhering to particular diets can lead to effective ED treatment. The food you consume provides the building blocks you require to power your body, not forgetting the penis. Instead of eating for your penis, ensure your diet is filled with healthy whole foods to help your blood nutrients to the prostate, penis, and other sexual organs for optimal functioning. The following are some foods you can eat to improve your sexual function and health.

  • Spinach. It’s folate-rich and can help boost blood flow. Reduced folic acid can cause erectile dysfunction. The folic acid in spinach is vital in a male’s sexual function. Spinach has a fair magnesium amount which stimulates blood flow while boosting testosterone levels
  • Whole grains. A Mediterranean diet containing whole grains helps treat erectile dysfunction. The grains added to your diet shouldn’t contain dangerous additives like pesticides. They should be healthy
  • Avocados. They contain Vitamin E, which improves sperm quality in infertile men
  • Coffee. Coffee has antioxidants that help enhance arteriogenic erectile dysfunction. Dietary antioxidant intake improves penile validation, increasing erectile seamless muscle relaxation and intracavernosal blood flow

When managing erectile dysfunction, avoid high-fat meals, sugar, and alcohol.

Get enough sleep

Poor quality sleep results in poor circulation and lowers testosterone levels, leading to erectile dysfunction. Sexual arousal in males is associated with blood cells, nerves, and the brain. Poor sleep and sexual deprivation lead to stress, reducing sexual arousal. The high tension and low energy from lack of sleep causes erectile dysfunction.

Sleep apnoea can cause cardiovascular problems associated with vascular issues, making it difficult for a man to maintain a strong erection. Lack of sleep causes poor blood circulation and erectile dysfunction symptoms. Extended sleep deprivation is linked with ED-related conditions like high blood pressure and diabetes. Getting enough sleep is essential to help improve erectile dysfunction.

Lose weight

Obesity or being overweight alters your hormones, resulting in reduced testosterone levels. It also results in low-level inflammation, affecting the blood vessels’ lining crucial for sexual function. Since cardiovascular disease is a core ED risk factor and obesity is a significant threat to cardiovascular diseases, there’s a solid connection between erectile dysfunction and obesity. Losing weight reduces the risk of high blood pressure and diabetes, lowering the possibility of ED. Working out and focusing on a healthy diet can help you shed excess weight.

Quit smoking

Smoking affects blood circulation in various ways, causing erectile dysfunction, stroke, and heart disease. You can only get an erection when the penis blood vessels expand and get filled with blood. When you smoke, the blood vessels in that body part get disrupted, making it difficult to get and keep an erection. Smoking decreases libido and causes infertility.

Once you stop smoking, your health begins to improve immediately. This boosts circulation and helps prevent erectile dysfunction. Smokers find it difficult to quit, but smoking cessation aids like nicotine patches and lozenges can help. Nicotine inhalers and non-nicotine drugs like bupropion can also help.

Leverage penis pumps

Penis pumps are hollow tubes with battery or hand-powered pumps that are usually put over victims’ sexual organs to suck the air in the tube out, creating a vacuum and pulling blood into their penises. Upon getting an erection, you should put a tension ring around your penis base to keep the blood in to maintain a firm erection, then take the vacuum device out.

Your erection lasts long enough to have sex, after which you slip the vacuum device out. Penis bruising is a potential side effect. The band may restrict ejaculation. Your doctor can prescribe or recommend a specific penis pump model if it’s a suitable treatment option for you.

Try penile implants

Penile implants are treatment options where implants are surgically placed on both sides of your penis. The devices have malleable or inflatable rods. Malleable rods help keep the penis strong and bendable, while inflatable rods give you control over how long you should have an erection. Penile implants have a high satisfaction level for those who’ve tried more conservative treatments and failed. They’re not ideal for people with urinary tract infections.


While ED negatively impacts a victim’s sexual life and self-esteem, it can be treated. Consider using these methods to cure erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction (ED) can be a challenging condition to cope with, affecting not only a man’s ability to maintain an erection but also his emotional well-being and relationship dynamics.

It’s important to remember that ED is treatable through a variety of methods, including medication like sildenafil (Viagra), lifestyle changes such as exercise and diet, and psychological counselling. Consulting a healthcare provider for a comprehensive diagnosis and treatment plan is the first step toward managing this condition effectively.

Tim Williamson, a psychology graduate from the University of Hertfordshire, has a keen interest in the fields of mental health, wellness, and lifestyle.

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