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3 Ways to Take Control of Your Emotions When the World Feels Out of Control

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As we all know the world is even more unpredictable than ever before. The rate of anxiety-based disorders is on the upswing but having stability in your personal life will help you navigate the outside world. And taking back control of your emotions will put you one step ahead of the masses.  

Going to sleep at the same hour every night 

I know I know we hear it every day, from your doctors, your parents, in commercials, or from your friends. ‘Getting a good night’s sleep is the first step to improve your overall well-being’ and yes, it is easier said than done but going to sleep around the same time every night does have an even bigger psychological benefit than it does physical.

When you stay up later than your body is used to your brain doesn’t understand why you are keeping yourself awake your body and brain assumes you’re in some kind of danger and that’s why you’re not going to sleep so it goes into survival mode and puts you into fight or flight upping your levels of cortisol, the stress hormone. Approximately 15 minutes after the onset of stress, cortisol levels rise systemically and remain elevated for several hours sometimes even carrying into the next morning.  

Keeping track of the whats and whys 

I have noticed that if I am feeling really unstable with my emotions, I really benefit from taking a few moments to take a step back and ask myself ‘What is making me feel this way? And why is it making me feel this way?’ Sometimes I really don’t know, and that’s okay. Other times I go on full rants to myself. Also writing it down can really help, being able to go back and look at some of the things that have helped and hurt my mental health have really helped me gain back some of the control I feel like I have lost over this past year.

Getting a journal is recommended but I know that not everyone has the time to take out their day to write but even just using the built-in notes app on your phone. While you’re making your morning tea, waiting for the train, or watching some tv. Keep track of how you’re feeling and you will notice a difference in your mental stability 

Getting a set routine 

Finding a routine that works for you and sticking to it can also really help bring some of that comfort we are all longing for. I’m not saying have a strict stressful down-to-the-minute secluded or some long detailed life plan because as we all know too well; life doesn’t always go to plan. But, having a few things here and there that you always do and that is fun so you have something to look forward to is great.

You can routinely incorporate things into many parts of your life and the beauty of this is you can decide what it is going to be and have complete control of it. Whether it’s wearing blue every Tuesday or eating your favourite meal every Thursday. Having a routine will benefit you in so many ways going forward. 

Adrienne Richards is interested in mental health, society, and politics.

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