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6 Ways to Cleanse Your Soul and Get Rid of Negative Energy

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Life can easily become overwhelming and stressful, resulting in negative energy filling your mind and soul. Even people who normally have a clear vision and wisdom regarding the meaning of their life can experience times when their aura is drained or muddied. 

Several signs can indicate when someone is suffering from negative energy, these include: 

  • Having to be right all the time
  • Uncontrollable emotions
  • Blaming others for problems
  • Reactively speaking before thinking
  • Repeatedly telling negative stories
  • Looking for answers and solutions from external sources
  • Being too self-critical
  • Constantly having negative thoughts

Having negative energy can have various adverse impacts on many areas of a person’s life, including their social life, mental well-being, and physical health. The behavior associated with negative energy is likely to annoy family and friends and possibly decrease how much they wish to interact with someone. In contrast, negative energy effects on physical health include increased stress, which can lead to hormone imbalances, impairment of the immune system, and poor sleep quality. 

Due to its negative impacts on an individual’s life, people with negative energy must take some time to cleanse their souls, so they can recover their usual positive outlook. Here are six methods anyone can use to get rid of negative energy:

Cleansing with crystals

One option for rebalancing your life force and cleansing your soul of negative energy is to use the natural healing properties of crystals and stones. Oftentimes they are used in meditation routines along with the burning of sage and palo santo to get rid of negative energies while promoting positive energies. There are many varieties of crystals and stones with different properties, such as: 

  • Howlite. Calms emotions and helps with the rational expression of feelings
  • Amethyst. Aids healing by providing comfort and protection
  • Pink tourmaline. Promotes universal love and helps overcome worries 
  • Rose quartz. Helps to balance emotions and promote forgiveness
  • Aventurine. Boosts creativity and reduces anxiety
  • Sodalite. Reduces oversensitivity and increases self-expression
  • Fluorite. Improves mental and physical coordination 


Taking the time to meditate regularly or even daily is a great way to heal your mind and cleanse your system of impurities and negative thoughts so they can be replaced with positivity. Meditation helps to rebalance the body, mind, and soul in three ways: 

  • It reduces the symptoms of stress, including high blood pressure, muscle tension, and increased stress hormones. 
  • It helps people to witness their thoughts and watch them disappear or pass by rather than expending lots of energy on evaluating and interpreting negative or worrisome thoughts.
  • By accessing a plane of pure consciousness, people can wash away negativity that may have taken hold of them.


An ancient and increasingly popular method of getting rid of negativity is yoga, which can help cleanse the soul and promote better circulation, digestion, energy levels, and sleep. Yoga combines meditation and movement to assist with detoxing the mind and clearing away negative emotions. Some examples of yoga poses that can be done at home easily include the reverse plank, shoulder stand, and wide-legged forward bend.

Healing baths

Traditionally baths have always been a time to relax and unwind and for dealing with personal hygiene; however, baths can also be used to cleanse the soul of negativity and balance energies.

Ideally, people having a bath to cleanse spiritually should set aside between 30–60 minutes when they are guaranteed not to get distracted or interrupted. Additionally, space needs to be prepared by burning incense, lighting scented candles, and playing calming music. The next step is running a bath and adding certain ingredients to help rebalance energies, such as baking soda, carnations, herbs, rose water, salt, or lavender. 


Inertia and lethargy are breeding grounds for negative energy, spiral out of control without regular exercise to clear the mind of negativity and get the blood and nutrients flowing around the body. Exercise can take many forms, and the type chosen depends on the individual; however, exercises commonly used to clear the mind include running, swimming, walking, and yoga. 

Frequent and vigorous exercise helps cleanse negative thoughts by improving circulation and increasing perspiration which flushes out stress hormones and toxins.

Spend time in nature

Getting out into nature has long been recommended as an effective method to reduce stress and remove negative energy from the body and mind. Immersing and surrounding yourself in the beauty of nature, such as visiting a forest, lake, mountains, or the ocean, acts as therapy for the soul, providing it with time to reset and heal. An Aquamarine stone bracelet can help you with this. 

Almost everyone will experience negative energy and thoughts at some point in life, which can affect their mood, performance at work, and social life. Fortunately, there are several ways for a person to cleanse their soul and rid themselves of negativity, such as using healing crystals, meditating, doing yoga, taking healing baths, exercising, and spending time in nature. 

Ellen Diamond did her degree in psychology at the University of Edinburgh. She is interested in mental health, wellness, and lifestyle.

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