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Way of Living a Happy Life

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Modern psychology startling observations show that humans are too bad at guessing what will make us happy. One is lousy as a bug to predict what satisfies us when often our happiness is forgotten. Two seemingly similar but different concepts are often confused about the ideal life.

The question to me ‘Is the life lived or remembered?’ It boggles me. Confusing conflict arises. Should you go for one week or two for vacation? Should I pick up the same place to visit? Questions about what is life? What constitutes an ideally happy life? What is our moment to moment experience? All these questions remain narratives.

The tyranny

It is hard to experience that one’s own life doesn’t vote on the careers one picks, vacations you choose and time spent. This all seems unfair. After it has been lived, life remains merely on paper and ink. The silver or golden times disappear. After winning, marathon runners or athletes often say ‘They did it’. This joyous experience might sometimes vote because the future decisions are not planned with this victorious memory.

Experience instead of narrating

I would spend time investing to design a life that tells me it is great but gets lousy when I experience it. To err is human. So is to err systematically. To avoid the deep traps, a few habits must be fostered to escape the negative thoughts of life. Here are a few of my broad ways of thinking easy.

Stop and observe the moment

When things get started, we accentuate, and when they end, there is a dramatic change in the current moment of life. Keeping an eagle’s eye on the mental state helps to recall better how one feels during the period instead of just the end. Some books about pseudo-spiritualism talk about the present moment, ignoring that life is simply a rehash of millennia package. We get so absorbed in the totality of life that we fail to see the now moments of our lives.

Reward routines instead of brief events

Constant sameness is sometimes washed to make deliberately high to weigh future decisions. Instead, focus on how the routine is affected than the one-time event. For instance, think of some beautiful time spent or being in a class or walking to a grocery store; all these compositions of time exhibit positive happiness besides contributing to the well-being.

Create a way of living instead of a goal

A hard truth remains a cliché to me that life is a journey and not a destination, and it is one reason that I am a big fan of the lifestyle design concept. But, some typically aspiring and ambitious people think of actually living the middle moments. I always prefer to pick or set goals to improve my life.

So, keep yourself busy in some enterprise as it may allow you the freedom to work on exciting things. Eating healthy and decent fitness gives more energy.

Jashan Jot Kaur is a researcher at Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana.

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