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Warning This Christmas as Snow Is Predicted – Expert Shares How to Stay Safe on the Roads

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The Met Office has forecast that a severe bout of snow and ice will sweep across the UK from 17th December to 26th December. This wintry blast poses a significant challenge for millions of people who are planning to travel for the Christmas holidays. Understanding how to stay safe on the roads during this period is crucial.

Andrew Bridges, director of professional services at Leightons Opticians, offers essential guidance on road safety during this festive season. His advice highlights the importance of regular car maintenance and eye protection strategies under challenging winter driving conditions.

He emphasises the need to regularly check washer fluid levels and ensure that windscreen wipers, headlights, and fog lights are functioning correctly.

Bridges also recommends directing heating vents downwards to prevent air from blowing directly into the eyes and wearing sunglasses to shield against the low winter sun, which are crucial measures to maintain visibility and eye health while driving.

Leightons Opticians has provided six key tips for navigating icy roads safely:

  1. Avoid unnecessary trips. If conditions get particularly bad, stay at home and avoid driving altogether. Don’t make any unnecessary journeys. If you do have to drive, plan your route to include as many major roads as possible.
  2. Direct the car vents appropriately. Angle heating vents downward to reduce direct airflow and combat the risk of dry eyes.
  3. Keep sunglasses handy. Always keep a pair of sunglasses in the car for bright sunlight conditions. Do not wear sunglasses at night, in twilight, or in dust.
  4. Ensure clear windscreen visibility. Remove all snow, ice, and/or condensation from windscreens, windows, mirrors, and lights to ensure full visibility.
  5. Maintain car functionality. Checking your car’s functionality, such as washer fluid and the proper working of wipers, headlights, and fog lights, is vital.
  6. Prioritise your eye health. Wear your prescription spectacles or contact lenses if advised by your optometrist. Keep a spare pair in your glove box. Remember not to drive at night or in twilight with lenses that have a light transmission of less than 75%.

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