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Indoor Living Wall Kits for Well-being with Chalk & Moss

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Eco-homeware shop Chalk & Moss offers customers wellness through greenery and natural products. Chalk & Moss are now selling indoor vertical garden kits, designed by Horticus Living and meticulously made in the UK. 

Kits are modular, so can be assembled with endless possibilities. Plants are then chosen to fit the space, mood and needs for instance by planting energising or calming plants. (Plants are not included.)

Each unit consists of a powder coated steel frame and three handmade terracotta planters. The kits have been designed to fit seamlessly together, sacrificing neither style nor function. 

These kits are suitable for domestic and commercial interiors alike, providing privacy,  comfort, and sound insulation. At home, why note create a vertical food garden, a living room statement piece to soothe body and mind, an inviting green wall hallway, or a fully immersive living green bathroom.

They look equally striking in a hotel lobby or in a biophilic design inspired office. The terracotta planters are so beautiful in themselves, that many choose to leave some unplanted, instead adding small decor items and trinkets.

Prices range from £275 for the smallest kit (three terracotta planters, one frame) to £2,280 for the extra large (24 planters, 12 frames). The full range of kits, singles and accessories can be seen at Chalk & Moss.

Horticus is just one of the many brands carefully chosen for their sustainable and nature connected credentials and beautiful design, all hand picked by Chalk & Moss founder and biophilic design expert Anna Sjostrom Walton.

Anna explains: ‘Biophilic design is all about finding every opportunity in life to connect with nature. Research proves that surrounding ourselves with natural elements such as plants and products in natural materials, textures and colours, can reduce stress hormone production and help to counteract our fast-moving digital lives.’

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