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6 Reasons Why Everyone Needs to Walk 30 Minutes a Day

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You’ve heard the rumours that walking is good for your health, but why? What makes walking good for you, and why should you start incorporating walking more into your everyday lifestyle? What makes walking stand out above other forms of physical activity?

Look no further, we’re here to share with you the top six reasons on why you should start walking every day. The reasons include both physical and mental benefits. Walking is one of the most versatile forms of physical activity available to us and it is very underrated in what it can do for you.

1. Exercise

The most obvious reason for walking daily is exercise. Exercise can lead to burning calories and weight loss. Walking is a non-aggressive form of physical activity can bring about overall great results. You can personalise your walk to accomplish whatever your purpose is. Here are some ideas: 

  • Walk leisurely, enjoy the sights around you while walking and just taking in the fresh air. Your walk has mental and physical benefits. The slow leisurely walk calms and relieves stress while also moving your body and performing physical activity.
  • Quick walking increases your heart rate and will burn a higher number of calories. If you’re walking specifically for exercise and calorie burn, speed up your walker for better results.
  • The length of your walk can vary based on your needs and desires for walking. You may be able to walk fast and cover a longer distance, but it’s OK to walk more slowly and not travel as far. Short or long, don’t be afraid to get your walk on.
  • Walk uphill or on rough terrain to get a more intense workout. Walking uphill increases your effort, as does walking in nature trails or rocky grounds. The output needed for the change in ground type increases your calorie burn and your walking workout intensity.

Strengthen joints

Walking is one of the best remedies for arthritis and joint pain. Walking works the muscles that protect the joints, strengthening both the muscle and the joint. Blood flow to these muscles and joints is improved by walking.

Walking has been scientifically proven to reduce aches and pains caused by arthritis or ageing joints. If your joints feel better you can be more active. You will have an overall better range of motion and flexibility that is comfortably so.

3. Boost immune system

Walking, especially outdoors builds up your immune system as you work your lungs and cardiovascular system. The overall healthier body you’re building while you walk is more prone to protect you from common illnesses, such as cold or flu.

4. Overall mood improvement

Daily walking routines will fill your mind with clarity. Walking is a great time for meditation, quiet time, and deep thinking. Walking quietly allows you to think through things, breathe deeply, and simply reset your brain.

Walking is a general mood booster, which will help reduce common feelings of anger and hostility in a stressful life, but the positive mental benefits of walking can also reduce stress and anxiety symptoms. Walking provides your mind relief, calming your thoughts and feelings to a more controllable level and allowing you to be happier overall.

Walking is one of the best remedies for arthritis and joint pain.

5. Leg day

Walking gives you a built-in leg day, every single time you walk – that 30-minute daily walking routine will lead to muscular, toned legs. Your legs deserve to look and feel great, and so do you! The toned look your legs will inherit from walking can boost your self-confidence when you slide into your shorts or slip on that little black dress.

6. Turn on creativity

When you’re stuck in a monotonous routine, and you seem to have a mind block try a walk. If you’re struggling to form new ideas or feel motivated, take a walk. Step away from your routine, step away from your desk, step away from that computer screen and simply take a walk.

Taking a short break-time walk can get your creative juices flowing and you might just be able to pull yourself out of that funk you’re in. While you’re walking or when you return from walking, that light bulb you needed might just turn on.

What kind of supplies are needed for daily walking routines

You don’t need to go to the store and go all out loading up on walking gear and breaking the budget. The beauty of walking is it’s relatively simple to prepare yourself. You don’t need much, just keep in mind a few basics.

Walk comfortably

You don’t need to purchase special high-end shoes for daily walking, but you do want to make sure you have decent shoes. You don’t want to injure yourself and be uncomfortable while walking; however, any pair of comfortable shoes for everyday use will work great for half an hour walking daily.

Hydrate your body

Be sure you are drinking plenty of water and hydrating fluids. Your goal with walking is most likely health-related in some manner, and it would be a shame to fall ill to dehydration complications. Grab a water bottle to carry with you or drink plenty before and after your walk.


Walking is universally considered as one of the best forms of both mental and physical therapy available to us. Walking doesn’t cost anything and can be done from anywhere. You can incorporate walking into your life by starting small and working your way up.

Today, walk around the block and maybe a year from now you will find yourself walking 5-miles as a regular part of your routine. Whatever your purpose, remember walking is good for you on many levels. Walking clears your head, gets your blood pumping, and works your legs all in a simple easy motion.

Don’t be afraid to step out of your box and give walking a try. Whether you’re looking to start a new routine, or just want better sleep and focus, lace up those walking shoes and hit the pavement and see what walking can do for you.

Eva Allen is a passionate cyclist, author and blogger. She regularly writes on Sportsly.net.

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