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Waive Off the Patriarchal Traditions

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Patriarchy is as old as time immemorial. It is a major reason behind the toxic mentalities of people. It has already done severe damage to the lives of numerous people.

Furthermore, it is said that things have changed, and people have stopped following the patriarchal traditions, which are detrimental, but how many do agree with it? Just look around yourself and try to understand the earnestness of these age-old traditions.

It is high time that we should start the drill of waiving off the patriarchy as it is good for none. Primarily it should be started on the ground level, which is with the people belonging to the lower class as they constitute a major part of the population. As patriarchy is prevalent across the globe, it is an extremely challenging task.

Let us talk about the tradition of the dowry system in India. It is said that nowadays, people do not indulge in such practices, but still, there are uncountable cases of women who are being humiliated, harassed and victims of abuse.

The most common phrase people use to justify this practice is “yeh toh dena he Hota hai”. Due to societal pressure, people voluntarily invest their life's earnings in one day. The ceremony can be easily completed for a few thousand INR rupees, and people choose to spend lakhs and crores on the ceremonies, which involve a huge guest list.

Several other countries follow the same patriarchal traditions and contribute towards a toxic nation.

Patriarchy is one such reason, due to which the people’s thinking has been curbed. Even in the 21st century, people behave in such a manner with each other as if they do not know anything about humanity.

Patriarchy makes life difficult for women and equally dangerous for men. Kamala Bhasin, who was an Indian developmental feminist, talked about how the rigid notions of what makes a “real man” have ended up being detrimental to men themselves.

In a very direct and simple way, you can contribute to waiving the toxic patriarchal traditions you started in your home. The most intriguing thing is that whatever gender roles have been determined, they are done by society and not by nature.

It’s long overdue and now requires rectification. Therefore, without considering which work should be done by men/ women, all should work equally without pressuring each other.

Bhawna Mehlawat is a researcher and writer from India.


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