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Voice Is the Passport to Our Souls – Here’s Why

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The voice carries its emotions determining how much it influences the other person. The conversations are important ideas but, like so many words, they can lose their meaning and specificity as they permeate the lexicon. The short answer to the question: ‘Are all voices equal?’  is: ‘No’. The better answer is: ‘It’s complicated.’ Each voice is unique, central, and revealing the ability to lead and change the world.

Without digging down too many rabbit holes I want to explore a few elements. 

Voice of love

Hey! Wassup? Yo! How you doin’? Hello! How are you feeling today? Which of these greetings sounds formal and which of these sounds informal? Sometimes butterflies in the stomach and dilated pupils are the physical effects of attractive voices. The level of someone’s attractions is gauged by the voice. It is the impression in the potential partners. So, just like we fix our hairstyles or clothes to look more attractive on a date, there will be an unconscious makeover to sound more sexually fit for the one looking to find love or potential love.

Voice of personality

Every voice projects the personality of its speaker. In other words, voice determines ‘Voice’, indicating the quality of the human being behind the sounds. There are many studies and projects on how we can find a surprising number of personality traits just from hearing someone say ‘hello’ to us. Our hopes, fears, fatigue, excitement, joy, anger, love, hate, and confusion – all are projected in the personality.

Voice of wisdom

We all do well to provide ourselves with more say, choice, and power to our own learning. Students are pawns of their education whereas adults make all the decisions about when what, where, and how they learn. Children lack the maturity and experience to make all the decisions. They don’t know yet what they don’t know. Guidance to be a happy, healthy, and productive human is truly a care for children with a good wisdom

Voice of value

All voices heard may or may not be given equal value. Lifelong learners with a growth mindset impact the frustrations in some overly vocal people and media who do not have the knowledge to speak of something intelligently. Acknowledging that some folks do know more than you do is a sign of maturity. I am thankful to the web and social media for providing me with a voice for publishing ideas that have only lived in my head, diluting the barriers.

Voice of eventuality

One is the eventuality of an anomaly. Despite my unfeigned efforts, I have been unable to exterminate the bad thoughts from what is otherwise the strength of the sedulous person. For instance, if an engineer or a scientist or a corporate tycoon fails to avoid these anomalies, so how would you and I focus more on identifying them? There could be many anomalies with an unexpected twist, but it does not mean that one gives up.

Voice is the passport to our souls. In it lies strengths and one’s uncertainties are revealed. And yet we underestimate the importance each voice carries all the time. Learn to blabber sense to ease off the stress by not leaving to connect with your fellow humans.

Jashan Jot Kaur is a researcher at  Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana.

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