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An Immense Pleasure to Visit the Nature

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My journey to the world-famed nature’s garden or flower valley with thousands of colourful annuals bursting forth in the myriad shades and mysteriously vanishing from the floral scenes as winter descends towards the mountains gives me immense pleasure to say that it will always remain my one of the best excursion trips.

The scene of the green meadows and flowers of different shapes, sizes, and colours besides the river changes as the day passes with a different tomorrow.

Various botanists took varied taxonomic searches identifying unheard names and species of the garden genera, including the herbs. I felt spellbound at the musing natural forces and the panoramic mountains that no-body feeds or clean, and they survive on their own despite the impact of climate change.

Although, it was uncontrolled and difficult to access as visitors and tourists littered wherever they liked, like stray animals. But it was a place of haven for an adventurer junkie like me, along with home to beautiful happy hundreds of butterflies. In short, it is a mesmerising

The biosphere is uninterrupted, expressing huge waterfalls, dense pastures with spectacular floral beds. Each view made me overwhelmed, and I got curious to know the great grandeur mountains with a mosaic of bewildering ecosystems. The valley baffled me as much as the web of life appeared to be complex with changing spectrums.

The solitude was supreme in the valley, left uncared for. For the first time, I felt puzzled to define the ecosystem witnessing the environment system. I would depict the biotic and abiotic component links like the art of steersman ship controlling the ecosystem. Some rigorous questions were still difficult for me to answer, like why the plants like to grow in the water-runnels or the gaps in the mountains?

My mind is full of intriguing questions that the valley persists at all times, in all weather conditions. What cybernetics goes on in this magnificent valley?

Do the flowers sleep at night? The silhouette of landscape with the orchestra of insects visiting the floral bonanza for nectar with sweet music is fascinating to stay in the valley. But the local guides never recommend anyone to stay in the valley at night. The flora blooms and dies unnoticed and unseen.

But the visit to the museum valley is worth anytime in life. This exuberant talent is gone un-inhaled. The skill of the beautiful valley is rampantly choking in the grasp of adverse climate where this diversity should not go wasted and washed.

Proper management and protection measures are required to save the diverse flora and fauna. As a flower is born to blush a bloom unseen and its sweetness goes wasted in the desert air, it must address the protection to save the bountiful of this heterogeneous beauty to exist long.

One can spend hours and hours, but unfortunately, they travel blindly,skipping to enjoy the beauty along the routes. To protect these profuse landscapes, each one must feel their duty to get familiar to save nature, thus enjoying the gift of nature.

Jashan Jot Kaur is a researcher at Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana.

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