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Virtue Map Program Review: How Good Is It

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Are you a victim of procrastination, low self-esteem, and anxiety? Do you want to stop procrastinating along with eliminating anxiety and stress from your life? Do you desire to achieve more in less time by focusing on your strengths? Then you are at the right place where you will get to know about Virtue Map – The most popular personalized motivation and productivity tool.

Virtue Map is a health and wellness organisation that provides a three-month personalised anti-procrastination plan. The brand uses behavioural science to help individuals make lasting changes in their lives. With Virtue Map’s personalized plan, you will not waste any more time in procrastination, not miss opportunities, and get relief from anxiety and stress. Eventually, these personalised plans may help you attain your maximum potential in both your personal and work life. 

By reading the reviews of Virtue Map, you will get to know more regarding the benefits of the three-month personalised anti-procrastination plan. We will also discuss some customer ratings before letting you know whether Virtue Map’s anti-procrastination plans are worth purchasing or not.

Overview of virtue map

Virtue Map offers you a three-month personalised anti-procrastination plan based on a quick quiz created to know you better. The programme is designed based on the answers to the quiz and helps the users decrease procrastination and enhance their personal productivity system to become their best selves. 

By taking the Virtue Map plan, you will stop putting off tasks, be more confident, and achieve more. The plan will help improve your productivity levels drastically. 

Highlights of the plan

  • It helps you learn how to save time and build momentum by completing tasks.
  • It helps in getting rid of your undisciplined and lazy tendencies.
  • It helps in eliminating anxiety and stress about failing or lagging behind.
  • It helps in discovering motivational tools and self-discipline strategies.
  • It helps in learning positive new habits while at the same time unlearning the negative ones.
  • It helps you know how to organize your time in a better way so that you can do more tasks without getting tired.
  • It improves your general well-being, enhances your energy levels, and provides you with a better quality of life.
  • It helps in beating analysis paralysis and various other causes of mental freezing.
  • It helps in disrupting your habit of failing to achieve goals and letting other people down.
  • It helps you in becoming the most trustworthy individual you know.

How does virtue map work?

To begin with, you have to answer a quick quiz on the home page of the website that is created to help you understand better. This quiz contains a set of questions related to your way of tackling tasks, thinking, lifestyle, and work-life. Once you complete the quiz, you will receive your procrastination score and a personalized three-month plan based on your answers to the questions in the quiz. 

Virtue Map’s personalised anti-procrastination plan will help you:

  • Eliminate procrastination entirely by changing the neurological pathways of your brain
  • Significantly improve your focus, attention, and productivity
  • Greatly enhance your career, social life, and relationships 

What’s included in the plan?

  • 87 step-by-step daily personalised tasks from a Certified success coach and behavioural psychologist 
  • Personalized productivity tools and systems that help in enhancing productivity and improving focus
  • Quick 5-15 minutes tasks that you have to complete every day. These are developed based on the latest behavioural science, and they help in reducing your levels of procrastination to a large extent and improving your concentration ability
  • Daily guidance from success coaches
  • A customised and personalised habit plan that helps in tracking your progress, getting rid of bad habits, and introducing new healthier ones
  • Personalised content related to procrastination that has information on career, relationships, motivation, finances, and emotional life

What do customers have to say about Virtue Map?

The average rating of Virtue Map is 4.7/5, with more than 5000 customer reviews. 

The reviewers love Virtue Map’s personalised plans. One of the users got her dream job 1.5 months after finishing this plan. Another user has mentioned that this plan has taken his relationships and career to a whole new level. 

Users also find that the plan takes only 10–15 minutes per day, making them more productive without any struggle.


Virtue Map’s personalised three months anti-procrastination plans are based on 130+ scientific studies. They will help you accomplish more in less time, reduce anxiety and stress, enhance your willpower, and make you your best self. 

These personalised anti-procrastination plans are a highly recommended product as apart from the benefits mentioned above, they have several scientific side benefits such as improved quality of sleep, enhanced positive emotion, increased cognitive capacity, and prevention of mental diseases.

Ellen Diamond did her degree in psychology at the University of Edinburgh. She is interested in mental health and well-being.

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