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Virtually, Actual or Actually, Virtual?

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Does it really matter? Do any of us really care? Perhaps there is no definite answer. Of course, I will give this my best shot. Despite what I state here, it is just my opinion and I am merely one person in a world of millions, each with individualistic thoughts and unique ideas. That signifies that I can and will share a few of them with everyone actually reading this article. When some agree with one or two of my statements, that is good; when others disagree with a couple of them, this is also good. Either way, please send any comments to this Newsletter or NewsBlog. It will be greatly appreciated and can enhance this, both virtually and actually.

Virtual means almost or nearly as described. But not completely or according to a strictly accurate situation. It is merely feasible or imagined. Not anything to be afraid of, but it will take practice to use the media gizmos, for me as well. Sometimes, virtual is fabricated or made up in someone’s imagination in an effort to embellish a story. Recently, virtual is demonstrated by computer techs and many average individuals to simulate an item(s) or person(s) that are not there. Wave, everyone. Most of us, including Peer Specialists like myself, live in a world having a host of choices and many modern conveniences, like virtual meetings where we don’t leave the house to attend. What a lazy existence society is becoming.

Our world of imagination is being slowed down if not totally stifled by new technology. Inventions and mechanisations have a place, too. Creativity is often left to machines while human emotions and original thought are tossed to the side like yesterday’s laundry. The blood, sweat and tears of human beings are being lost by computer-simulated models. It may be less expensive, but at what cost to us? Robots and holographic images are generated that generally lack the feelings of personal touch and individuality.

Around since the 1950s, Virtual Reality brought us a progressive evolution both in devices and in interface design. Virtual Reality is a computer-generated environment with scenes and objects that appear to be authentic, making the user feel immersed in the respective surroundings. This allows the user to be like one of the characters, learning to perform open-heart surgery or improve the qualities of sports training to enhance performance without drugs.

Multiple strains of viruses and influenzas are still around, and the effects are very bad, but there is always hope to eradicate diseases from our existence and our consciousness. Virtually, scientists all over the globe are constantly researching on the computers for new vaccines that can reduce or halt the spread of the variations. Actually, millions of people have received vaccinations and boosters for COVID-19, but it often reappears in individuals who have received the necessary shots. Developing a long-term resolution may take some time. Unfortunately, too many people have died, and others are still suffering, but there is hope.

As for me, I am a New York State Certified Peer Specialist. Part of my ongoing responsibilities is to instil hope in people. Despite our failings and disabilities, all people need to be empowered. We can be and do something productive with our lives. A definite good reason to live, we can achieve success. So, it is up to Hercule Poirot (me, of course) to unravel and solve this mystery.

Another example is a series of virtual events that has been happening in 2024 until November 5th. Yes, I am talking about state primaries that will culminate on Election Day. What occurs virtually is that most pollsters go around the country gathering a lot of their information and data on a variety of different issues. Once collected, it is interpreted and reported virtually what was found, and finally, they make assumptions about why some choose a certain candidate and reasons these people voted for this individual. Now this is how the process starts. Words like speculation, which lead to predictions or projections, reign supreme here.

Let us discuss the word actually. It is shown as a concept or idea that exists entirely in fact. Just like Joe Friday stated, “Just the facts,” in the popular cop TV show, Dragnet. This is done quite typically by what was intended to be a contrast with what was possibly expected or even thought of or believed. Always, actually is known to be correct or precise. Also, all actual results happen now and in current terms. Going back to the elections, which in 2024 is November 5th, this is an actual fact. Each vote is painstakingly counted, an actual fact, and the routine continues.

Virtual meetings are real-time interactions that take place over the Internet combining audio and video, chat tools and application sharing. They offer a way to engage people in fully interactive online learning experiences such as lectures, discussions and tutoring. Also, during a virtual meeting, it becomes significantly harder to discern people’s facial expressions and feelings about the topic being mentioned.

As a Peer Specialist, I have gone to many meetings, both actual and virtual ones. Personally, I have no preference. There are advantages to each way. Virtual meetings give me the space where I have the ability to do other things or even leave with minimal distractions. Oftentimes, meetings are held and seen in different cities or states, and people do not have to travel. Covid altered the landscape where more virtual conferences are commonplace and can be seen and heard anytime and anywhere.

At many actual seminars, one can share thoughts and opinions with a live person besides them. Commonalities are seen on the spot, and as written earlier, facial expressions and gestures are noticed more easily. When we are near or around someone, expounding thoughts and ideas occur, which leads to a more effective dialogue. In addition, these actual statements can occasionally turn into long-term professional relationships.

In the paragraphs above, we might have learned about the differences between virtual and actual. Before this article concludes, I will try to give two additional examples. Hopefully, effectively too. November 5, 2024, is Election Day and is actually for President of the United States and other politicians, so it is our constitutional right as citizens to vote. This year, we can vote virtually with absentee ballots or go to a polling place on that day and do our duty by putting in an actual vote. In this forum, I am not going to select candidates to vote for, just strongly requesting that everyone vote.

Also, I am referring to two important people in my existence. Firstly, my mother, who gave birth to me and unfortunately actually died on 19th June 2019. Secondly, my partner, my significant other, my love, Maureen, who actually died on 12th June 2015. When I think or dream about them here or somewhere else, it can only be virtual, but my feelings are actual. Of course, these sentiments are most definitely and actually true. Mum, I love you, and my actual feelings are hard to mention. Maureen, my Sweetie, I love you, I miss you, and I still wish you were here.

Howard Diamond is a New York state-certified peer specialist from Long Island.

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