Victoria Bourque

Victoria Bourque is a licensed Thrive Consultant based at Glossop Osteopathy Clinic, Derbyshire within easy reach of Cheshire, Manchester, Sheffield and Tameside.

Having worked as a dentist for over 20 years, treating many anxious and phobic patients, Victoria felt inspired to use her knowledge and skills to empower as many people as possible to live happily and confidently.

Victoria completed her Thrive Consultant training under the supervision of Rob Kelly and she believes strongly in continuous personal and professional development and learning. She operates under a strict code of ethics as a licensed Thrive Consultant and hypnotherapist.

Over more than two decades, Victoria’s career in dentistry has paved the way for her to help people while having the greatest respect for confidentiality, in an environment of mutual respect and trust. This is so important to know when you are reaching out for help and support. It also gave her a great insight into how we all “tick” and how, with the right support and encouragement, we can effectively change what we think and believe in order to make lasting positive changes within our lives. She specialises in supporting people to overcome stress and anxiety disorders, depression, low self esteem and social anxiety.

You can read more about Victoria and services she offers on her website. You can also connect with her on Twitter @VickyBourque

Credits: Victoria Bourque

Published: 03 October 2016

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