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Should You Get a Vegas IV on Demand?

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Drinking is fun, but having a hangover is not. And yet many people still continue to drink till they get wasted. People usually feel panicky, awful and on the whole exhausted after a night of too much drinking. The worse part of getting a hangover is that nothing seems to help ease the pain other than just waiting it out. Fortunately there’s a new growing trend that promises to cure your hangover Vegas IVhangover cure drip!

Services that specialise on providing IV drip cures for hangover have existed for years. Vegas IV, especially, is one of them. These fancy services are popular in New York, California, Las Vegas and even in London.

It works this way: You call them up and they send a nurse over to your place to give you an IV drip that will ‘cure’ your hangover. If you have the time and luxury to splurge on something like this, why don’t you go ahead and try it to see if this is finally the hangover cure you’ve been waiting for. 

Vegas IV hangover drip services can be quite pricey for most people. Its prices normally start at about $80 and can go for about $250. Sounds crazy to spend that much just to cure a hangover, right? But if this works for you, you might consider getting an IV drip on days where your hangover is at its worst. 

Vegas IV: How does this work?

The theory behind IV drips is that combining hydration and certain vitamins can cure symptoms of hangover such as nausea, dehydration, and headaches. Although IV drip cures are popular today, many people from the medical field are doubtful about its effectiveness. 

According to one expert, ‘none of those [health claims] have been FDA approved or validated by any kind of controlled specific studies.’

Another doctor added that IV vitamin drips do not actually have that much effect on healthy people. But even IV hangover drips are not backed up by science, it still feels like its worth a shot. 

Vegas IV: Drip cures on demand

The relatively new trend of receiving IV fluids even though it’s not completely medically necessary or recommended by a doctor is quite baffling. In many places throughout the US, it’s possible to request for IV fluids and you’ll be able to get them right away. A nurse or a physician’s assistant would visit your home and place an IV catheter in your arm. You’ll be able to receive IV fluids anywhere convenient for you – home, office, or even in your hotel room. There are some companies that even provide ‘tour bus’ experience where they provide mobile IV hydration services. 

Some companies offering Vegas IV hydration services include a cocktail of ‘special vitamins and electrolytes’, and in some cases and based on a person’s symptoms, they’d eve throw in an anti-nausea drug, heartburn remedies, pain medications, and more. 

The odd thing is IV drip services are not covered by your health insurance. So why would anyone want to do this?

Some people may opt for IV fluids on demand for the following reasons:

  • Dehydration
  • Hangover
  • Food poisoning
  • Jet lag
  • To get a instant, healthy glowing skin and hair. 

Many of those who have adopted this new type of service include A-list celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Simon Cowell, and Rihanna. 

Vegas IV: Are IV fluids really necessary?

People who get the flu (particularly young people and very old people) need IV fluids, but they are usually quite sick and admitted to a medical facility. On the other hand, people who are fatigued, have a hangover, jet lag, or flu can always drink the fluids they need to recover. 

You don’t need to be a beauty expert to know that IV fluids will not significantly improve the appearance of anyone that’s well nourished and well-hydrated to begin with. 

It’s also worth noting that the conditions for which the IVs on-demand are offered are not because of dehydration or reversed by hydration. For example, some service providers offer IV drips for jet lag, and yet jet lag is not caused by dehydration. And even though oral fluids are generally recommended for those who have hangover symptoms dehydration is not the only cause of hangover. 

Experts also offer a more reasonable alternative to Vegas IV hangover drips: drinking more fluids. If you’re able to drink fluids, that’s the best way to cure hangover. If you’re too sick and queasy to drink but need rehydration, then it’s the best time for you to get an IV drip treatment from a medical facility.

Vegas IV: Is it worth going to the drip bar?

A lot of people remain skeptical about getting IV drips for hangover cure. It’s not just because they are slow adopters, or that they are dubious of pricey treatments recommended by fancy clinics and websites. It’s mostly because there is almost zero evidence for invasive treatments. Yes, IV drips are somewhat invasive. The injection site can become infected; a vein can get inflamed or blocked with a clot). Although these complications are not that common, it still doesn’t justify risking your life for a treatment that is not completely necessary or helpful. 

Although the idea of getting Vegas IV drips at home might seem like a good idea, we still that drinking enough and getting yourself ‘well hydrated’ is a lot better. 

There are a lot of testimonials that convince people about how great the effect of getting IV fluid infusions are for curing hangovers or for making them feel recharged or look better. If you have a friend who says he feels a lot better after getting Vegas IV drip treatments, who are you to doubt if he or she is wrong? After all, studies show that treatments administered via IV infusion are absorbed more by the body compared to oral solutions. 

Lastly, one of the major causes for hesitation on IV drip treatments is the financial cost. Not everyone can afford $250 for an hour of IV hangover treatment when you can achieve the same thing by drinking fluids and sitting it out til the hangover disappears. 

Helen Bradfield did her degree in psychology at the University of Edinburgh.  She has an ongoing interest in mental health and well-being.

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