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The Vegan Society Launches VEG 1 Baby and Toddler: Liquid Multivitamin for Vegan Children

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Great news for parents and caregivers of vegan children – the UK’s leading vegan charity, The Vegan Society, has launched a baby and toddler version of its popular VEG 1 supplement.

Available to buy online,  VEG 1 Baby and Toddler is a new liquid multivitamin product designed specifically with vegan babies and young vegan children in mind. Aimed at those aged six months to four years, one bottle contains around 150 servings – about five months’ worth – and comes with a handy syringe for dosage accuracy, making it easier than ever to ensure your little ones start their day the right way.

The exciting launch comes as more people choose to raise their children vegan or enjoy a predominantly plant-based diet. In 2021, a BBC Good Food survey looking into the eating habits of 1,004 children found nearly 60% either followed a vegan or vegetarian diet or would like to.

And earlier this year, a report from The Vegan Society revealed 69% of UK parents and guardians support schools increasing the number of nutritionally balanced vegan food options on offer.   

VEG 1 Baby and Toddler combines the nutrients essential to its target age group – vitamins A, C and D – with nutrients recommended for a vegan diet – vitamin B12, iodine and selenium. 

One dose of VEG 1 Baby and Toddler provides EU Nutrient Reference Values (NRVs) of:  

  • Vitamin B12 (5μg -200%) 
  • Vitamin A (400μg – 50%) 
  • Vitamin C (30mg – 37%) 
  • Vitamin D (10ug – 200%)  
  • Iodine (50ug – 33%)  
  • Selenium (10ug – 18%)  

Bethany Dandy, business development and marketing officer at The Vegan Society, says: “This is a hugely exciting day for us – VEG 1 Baby and Toddler has been in the works for a long time, so it’s great to see the finished product on shelves finally and to be able to offer it to vegan parents and caregivers everywhere.”

“We know how important it is for vegan babies and children to have everything they need to grow up healthy and strong. That’s why we’ve worked closely with Angharad Banner, an NHS Children’s Dietitian, to ensure it includes everything our mini vegans need. We couldn’t be prouder of the end product.” 

Angharad Banner added: “All children should take a vitamin supplement containing vitamins A, C and D until they are five years old. However, on a vegan diet, there are limited options for babies and children as the most common source of vitamin D, essential for helping absorb calcium for strong bones and teeth, is from sheep’s wool.”

“A vegan supplement that also contains vitamin B12 is useful as it removes the need to source it from specifically fortified foods, making VEG 1 Baby and Toddler a very convenient one-stop shop for parents – I’ll be recommending it to everyone.” 

Other nutrients included in the supplement are: 

  • Vitamin A – for immune system development, eyesight, and healthy skin. 
  • Vitamin C – for overall health, the immune system, and to aid iron absorption.  
  • Iodine – for brain and neurological development. 
  • Selenium – for thyroid metabolism. 

While Baby VEG 1 includes the harder to get, key nutrients, parents need to ensure they include plenty of iron, calcium and protein-rich foods in their child’s diet, along with essential Omega 3 fats found in some seeds and rapeseed oil and easily incorporated into meals. 

Interested in giving VEG 1 Baby and Toddler a go? Click here to make a purchase. 

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