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New Vegan Protein and Probiotic Powder from Cytoplan

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UK based Cytoplan powers up with new plant-based protein powder packed with essential vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, amino acids, and probiotics for complete body support. UK based food supplement company, Cytoplan, launches its first vegan protein powder – Multi Protein+.

Plant-based and packed full of probiotics, vital vitamins and essential minerals; Cytoplan’s most comprehensive vegan formula is an all-in-one nutrient formula perfect for active, health-conscious people to support muscle maintenance, digestion and immune health in just one scoop.

Cytoplan’s Multi Protein+ has been in development for 12 months and provides a blend of plant-based protein derived from brown rice, pea, hemp, pumpkin, sunflower, and chickpea protein to give a full spectrum of amino acids.

Combining a comprehensive multivitamin with optimum levels of nutrients including Coenzyme Q10, B12 and Vitamin D3, the science-based protein powder has been created with prebiotics and probiotics to support the immune system and aid digestive health – a protein powder packed full of plant-based power.

Amanda Williams from Cytoplan comments: ‘Our first protein powder has been extensively researched and created with premium ingredients to deliver a protein formula that provides a carefully crafted blend of vital vitamins, minerals, other nutrients, and probiotics to support overall health while providing an entirely plant-based but bio-effective and powerful protein source.

‘Our philosophy has always been underpinned with products that work in harmony with your body and with nature and we are proud to deliver a protein powder, that in this case is so much more. Multi Protein+ is our most comprehensive product yet, combining our expert knowledge with scientific research, we have sourced high-quality ingredients whilst ensuring the formula offers a unique blend of key nutrients for optimum health.’

Multi Protein+ is a complete protein, meaning it features all five essential amino acids providing a nutritional post-workout fuel for muscle repair as well as a food supplement to promote a healthy metabolism, good gut health, and energy levels.

Made using natural ingredients, the powder offers a good consistency, making it perfect for smoothies too. The protein blend is also free of gluten, soy, GMO ingredients, does not contain animal products and is free from both dairy and lactose.

How much protein do I need?

Cytoplan nutritional therapist, Amanda Williams, recommends: ‘Through exercise, particularly strength training or muscle building workouts, we are essentially causing tiny tears in the fibres and connective tissues of our muscles which will require high-protein muscle repairing foods to facilitate tissue turnover, remodelling and strength.

‘Protein is essential for muscle repair and recovery, as well as muscle hypertrophy, with insufficient intake leading to muscle wasting and impaired performance. Protein supports immune function and hormonal balance and can act as an energy source if necessary too. Where possible, protein should be sourced from food, however, there may be a requirement for a powder supplement.

‘For optimal performance and muscle recovery, it’s usually advised we get approximately 1.2–2gs of protein per kilogram of body weight. For example, if you are a 75kg female then having at least 90g of protein a day will help with optimal performance and recovery.

‘An easy way to hit that target is using a protein supplement, however, it’s also important to look at the protein source, the powder blend and any other additional ingredients in the mix too, especially if you are going to be adding this to your diet daily.’ Cytoplan’s protein powder has been formulated from plants with a high biological value for optimal absorption in the body.  

As a trusted and favourite partner of UK health practitioners and medical experts, the company, which is wholly owned by a charitable foundation, is quickly becoming popular with health-informed consumers for their premium quality and approach with a 99% customer recommendation rate.

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