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Variety, the Children’s Charity, Names Inspirational Boy, Noah Wall, as a Young Ambassador

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Variety, the Children’s Charity, is proud to announce that Noah Wall has been appointed as its newest Young Ambassador.

Eight-year-old Noah was born with only 2% brain tissue, as well as severe spina bifida, hydrocephalus and paralysis from the chest down. Yet he has defied steep odds and astounded doctors all over the world with his extraordinary recovery, and the astonishing physical and mental advances he has made. By the age of three, his brain had grown to about 80%, which is regarded by many experts as a medical miracle. His body is now developing at a normal rate, and more recently, he has started moving his legs and feet, raising hopes that he may one day be able to walk.

Today, the unstoppable Noah, who lives with his family in Cumbria, is thriving. He can tell the time, write his name, he’s starting to read, he loves numbers, and he’s a real whizz on the iPad. He can hold a lively conversation with people of any age, from babies to his aunty, who is 106 years old.  Determined to fulfil his dreams, he has already ticked off an impressive range of adventurous activities like horse riding, surfing and skydiving.

Noah’s wicked sense of humour and lovable personality bring joy to his family and everyone around him. With his strong message of hope, he’s also an inspiration to countless families with disabled children.

Noah Wall said: ‘I’m so excited to be a Variety Young Ambassador! It will be a pleasure to help raise lots of money for all the children who are disabled – because it’s good to give.’

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