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3 Benefits of Using Vaping Instead of Smoking

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Smoking, for many, develops into a habit because it may help the users relieve stress, be part of a group, or appear stylish. But what the smokers fail to realise is that they are damaging their internal systems by including cigarettes in their lifestyle. 


It’s very well known that cigarettes are extremely harmful for a significant number of reasons. They contain many toxic substances that can cause cancer and lead to a range of illnesses. 

But other than that, the smoke itself can cause damage to parts of your body. Since the smoke you inhale is scorching, it can damage your throat and cause irritation. When it reaches your lungs, it starts to burn the tiny parts in there as well.

Seeing as vape devices don’t contain most of the harmful chemicals that tobacco cigarettes do, they are much safer. However, they are not entirely harmless for the users. The substances in them also vary from liquid to liquid. While cigarettes produce smoke, vapes produce a vapour. The vapour is much cooler than smoke, and it doesn’t irritate the throat or the lungs. 


Many people don’t like smokers taking a drag around them. It might be because of the unbearable smell or the poisonous smoke that smokers end up releasing. 

But luckily, vapers don’t have to experience such things. Since the vapour is significantly less harmful, and it can smell wonderful, users have found that it is more socially acceptable. Not only that, but many places that have big ‘No Smoking’ signs even allow people to freely vape as much as they like.

A major reason for that is the vape devices don’t leave any residue. Like a smoker would need an ashtray to smoke indoors, vapers have much more freedom.

That means you don’t have to ever excuse yourself from group to go and light a smoke, it is much easier to simply do it wherever you may be. 


With a cigarette, there are only a few good flavours available in the markets. Also, most of the smokers like to use menthol cigarettes.  On the other hand, e-liquids come in a range of flavours. You can buy a refillable vape device and keep using a verity of flavours with it. 

That is one of the major reasons why converting from smoking to vaping can be very easy. You might have tried to quit smoking in the past, but you might have found out that it’s not quite easy. But if you find a vape flavour that you really like, it can be the reason you permanently switch.

Some studies have even shown that vapers who try to smoke cigarettes again after a few months say that the taste is horrible, and they completely forget about it. Anyway, if you live in Canada, feel free to check out ODKushDaddy (also known as Online Dispensary Canada) for some affordable vape products.

James Wallace did his degree in psychology at the University of Hertfordshire. He is interested in mental health, wellness, and lifestyle.

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