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How Vaping Helps with Anxiety

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With today’s life’s pressures, everyone is bound to suffer from stress and anxiety. According to the Mental Health Foundation, there were 8.2 million cases of anxiety in 2013. A significant number involved women, and they are more likely to suffer from anxiety than men. 

Most people now seek to relieve stress through vaping and dabbing. Although smoking may work, it’s associated with many health effects, and vaping is a safer option for many. It helps relax your body, thus relieving stress and anxiety.

Vaping vs dabbing: what are the differences?

Vaping and dabbing are common phrases among cannabis users. They allow you to vapourise marijuana concentrates and consume the products via vapour instead of smoke. Dabbing involves using a dab rig to vapourise concentrates such as wax, shatter, and crumble. Similarly, vaping uses a vaporizer that burns e-liquids and concentrates, and you’ll get the best oil pens and dab pens online for sale in leading stores.

A vape pen doesn’t burn the material; instead, it heats the device to a temperature below combustion levels to produce a vapour. You ingest the product by inhaling, which is healthier than smoking. The vapour is also less irritating to your lungs, and the odour isn’t long-lasting. However, dabbing exposes the concentrate to higher temperatures, ultimately combusting it.

Can vaping help with relaxation?

If you suffer from stress and anxiety, vaping can relax your body and mind and help ease the tension. When vaping, the information flow slows down, resulting in a calmer sensation. And this is presumably why most people prefer vaping to smoking. When you vape, your body discharges chemicals to slow down your brain processes, which is helpful to individuals with mental health conditions like depression or anxiety.

Will the traces of nicotine help with relaxation?

Some e-liquids used in vaping may contain traces of nicotine. This is another reason why vaping may have positive effects on anxiety. Doctors claim that there are many other health benefits that you can derive from vaping. The good thing about vaping is that it doesn’t contain significant levels of nicotine or harmful toxins.

Is vaping a safer way to relieve stress?

According to a study by the Canadian Vaping Association, you lower the toxin levels by 95% when vaping than when smoking. So, vaping helps you calm down and also cleanses your body from many toxic chemicals. The placebo effect associated with vaping has a strong relationship with mental health. Vaping works like a hug and helps you attain the calm that you need.

What’s the role of vaping flavours in anxiety relief?

Vape products often have added flavouring and come in distinct flavours. Some come with sweet and calming aromas that can help relieve stress and anxiety among users. There are different tasty flavours available, and you can choose what offers the desired effect. In short, vaping liquids helps you de-stress and forget about daily stressors that bring about anxiety and depression.

The bottom line

Vaping is a cost-effective way to relieve stress and anxiety. It helps many mental health patients calm down and relax when faced with day-to-day stressors. For a great vaping experience, acquire high-quality vape pens and enjoy calmer moments from the comfort of your home.

Adam Mulligan, a psychology graduate from the University of Hertfordshire, has a keen interest in the fields of mental health, wellness, and lifestyle.

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