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Value Your Emotion and Inner Peace at Work

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Work brings together people of different behaviour, characters, and personalities which often causes friction, resentment, and stress. Thus, we can consider that workplaces can be stressful. Nevertheless, feelings of peace and contentment are often indescribable in the office. 

A life not affected by the environment starts inside your mind and does not need to depend on external conditions. So, by all means, we always say, travel, have a vacation and enjoy the time away from your work. There are good, healthy, and desirable activities we can do.

Valuing your emotion and inner peace is part of self-discipline; it is also learning to say no and express your limitations. We should not be a people-pleaser. Instead, focus on the things that will explore more on your skills.

Tips to value your happiness and inner peace

Be considerate

Be friendly and considerate toward all people. We often get treated by others the same way we treat them. Politeness, consideration, and respect generate similar reactions. Also, show gratitude and appreciation to your colleagues; there are significant positive impacts on your life and your colleagues.

Be polite

Always be polite to people. Being rude or inconsiderate will result in similar behaviour, aggravating the situation. Pay attention to how you use your words in your self-talk, giving comments, and unsolicited advice. 

Do not overthink

Overthinking creates worries and a lack of peace of mind that sometimes magnify unpleasant feelings. Do not waste your time and energy analysing your colleagues’ motives and problems at work.

Enjoy the moment and dream more

We always wanted to set goals and take them one at a time. Create and achieve your life’s and career dreams when you are ready. Do not push yourself too much on the promotion. Take it a little slower and breathe deeply whenever you feel tension and pressure on your workload.

Focus on your work

Consistently focus on your work, pay full attention and avoid disturbing thoughts. Of course, it might not always be pleasant, and there might be tasks we do not like. However, this is part of the job, and we must accept and do it; our acceptance despite resistance can contribute to less stress and resentment.  

How we feel at the workplace depends more on our thoughts and less on external factors and circumstances. We should keep our emotions intact and balance inner peace; whether a leader or an employee, you need to connect and listen to others as you make intelligent decisions. Find your inner happiness and peace at work; this helps you distress and enjoy life while working.

Rona dela Rosa is the editor of Psychreg. She is an associate professor at the Polytechnic College of the City of Meycauyan.


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