Vacancy for Chair of Education: University of Sheffield

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Jobs, (2017, November 1). Vacancy for Chair of Education: University of Sheffield. Psychreg on Mental Health & Well-Being.
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The University of Sheffield is seeking applications for a Chair in Education from ambitious, highly motivated and talented scholars who will play an active role in building on the School’ s national and international reputation for research excellence and teaching innovation.

The Faculty of Social Sciences values the School for its high-impact research, strong city/region partnerships with local schools and communities, and its contribution to teaching excellence.

This position is an opportunity for an established leader and researcher to inspire and engage colleagues, and to take strategic leadership responsibility for interdisciplinary impact-focused research in one of our four research centres:

  • Centre for the Study of Literacies
  • Centre for the Study of Early Childhood Education
  • Centre for Critical Psychology and Education
  • Centre for the Study of Higher Education

Specifically, we are seeking leadership, research and teaching expertise in global, cross-cutting themes such as global policies in Education, Childhood and Youth; Mental Health and Well-being in national and international contexts; Comparative Approaches in Early Childhood Education; Literacies/Digital Literacies; Higher Education; Developmental Psychology, Special and Inclusive Education, Psychology of Childhood and Critical Race Theory.

Source: University of Sheffield

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