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Useful Truck Drivers Exercises to Stay Fit

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When browsing for truck drivers’ jobs, you have noticed the excellent salary and benefits that come with it, which is why many choose this career. However, being a truck driver has a toll on one’s physical health. With long hours of sitting and limited food options, truck drivers might struggle to remain in good shape. However, this does not have to be complicated. With simple exercises, drivers can stay fit and enhance their well-being. On the other hand, they can prevent back and neck pain resulting from long hours of sitting. 


If you are a beginner, planks are a perfect exercise to start with. They will strengthen your core and upper back, providing stability for your body. This exercise can be done in one-minute increments, but you can also test your body to see how long it can endure. Position your body on the ground face down and lift it, resting on the toes and forearms. It is essential to keep your body parallel to the ground


The squat is an easy exercise that doesn’t require any equipment. It can be done anywhere so that truck drivers can adopt it during their breaks. Sitting behind the wheel for long hours restricts blood flow, which results in leg pain and numbness. This exercise stretches the legs and helps the drivers feel more comfortable, reducing pain. Squatting is also beneficial for the quads and hamstrings, as it strengthens these muscles. 

When squatting, it is essential to do it in the correct position. Start with feet shoulder length apart and lower your body until your quads are parallel to the ground. 


Push-ups are beneficial to exercise for the upper body but also engage the core. Lay your hands flat on the ground and tuck the elbows to your body. Lower your body to the ground while keeping your body parallel to it. 

Mountain climbers

Doing mountain climbing is a full-body exercise that engages different muscles. It is an exercise of greater difficulty and challenging for beginners. You can get started slowly and gradually increase your sessions to get the best results. For an effective workout, you need strength and coordination, and you’ll end up pretty tired after the session.


Running is a great cardio exercise that burns calories and trains the whole body. It also benefits the cardiovascular system and reduces the chance of heart conditions. It is a simple exercise for beginners as they start their workout routine. Truck drivers can use their breaks or time off for a light run. 

Even professionals have brief discussions about the form. However, it is more important to start slow and keep up with a steady pace to avoid hurting yourself. Overdoing your running sessions can end up in knee or foot pain, in the worst cases, an injury. 

Keeping a healthy lifestyle as a truck driver

The chosen exercises are perfect for truck drivers since they are low-impact and don’t require any equipment. They are ideal for beginners willing to start with a simple routine that can be built up over time. 

Adopting simple exercises in your daily schedule makes a huge difference. This is very important as truck drivers have a higher risk of obesity due to stress. Thanks to advanced technology, adopting healthy habits is so much easier for truck drivers. They can rely on wearable devices to track their health and make tailored suggestions. Also, plenty of mobile apps are available to guide you through setting the perfect exercise practices.

Zuella Montemayor did her degree in psychology at the University of Toronto. She is interested in mental health, wellness, and lifestyle. 

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