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5 Useful Tips for Book Lovers

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As both a professional writer who is required to read a lot or a book lover, you may know how reading conditions and what you read affect your satisfaction. Whether you sit in a quiet, cosy place with a cup of coffee or on a busy subway at your work, all conditions have their charms that attract book lovers. Reading is one of the most relaxing and engaging activities today, but it can be even better. Let’s explore some useful tips you can consider to make reading even more convenient for you.

Don’t read a book just because it’s trending

When you finish your last book, you may wonder what to read next. And when you don’t have a list of books to read next, you may look for trending book recommendations from some people or influencers. Or maybe you saw a book somewhere and decided to pick it next, even if you don’t like the genre. Do not make this mistake; read a book only because you like the idea or the story behind it. This way, you will be more interested and accurate in your choice, so reading the chosen book will feel engaging and cognitive. 

Read along with an audiobook

Even though audiobooks and podcasts have become extremely popular during the last few years, they still are not widely adopted among book lovers. That is because there are only a few places where people can listen to audiobooks. Headway makes it easier for any book lover to enjoy their favourite novels or any genre right from their phone while going to work or eating dinner.

The book community always has debates regarding the value audiobooks bring and where they are as useful as people say. However, audiobook technology could be a positive strategy to help adult learners improve their reading comprehension skills and enjoyment of reading. 

Use your hobbies to choose a book

Where do you usually start when looking for a new book to read? Of course, you can first explore bestseller lists and recommendations from your book community. But experts recommend using your hobbies as one of the most influential and easy ways to achieve a more self-directed approach to choosing books.

Keep track of your progress

Reading can become a useful habit when you track your progress. It is especially vital for those who can’t read the entire book and choose a new one every time. There are many applications you can use to track how many pages and or books you have already read and get rewards for new ones, which motivates and allows you to stay consistent in your habit development process.

Consider reading another genre 

Regardless of what book genres you prefer or read the most, you can still consider expanding your horizons by reading another genre, like fun fiction or books written by young people. Changing the book genre from time to time improves our memory capacity and makes us smarter, allowing us to understand different people’s opinions better and find more interesting things in life than when you are stuck to only one genre for a long period.

Tim Williamson, a psychology graduate from the University of Hertfordshire, has a keen interest in the fields of mental health, wellness, and lifestyle.

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