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Expert Reveals How to Use CBD to Help Alleviate Anxiety

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While most over-the-counter remedies, such as herbal therapies, can only offer mild effects, CBD has shown to be extremely effective in fighting anxiety

Anxiety disorders are becoming more prevalent due to stress from work, health concerns, and financial commitments. Studies show that CBD oil may help treat anxiety and alleviate depression by altering serotonin levels in the brain.

According to a 2019 Yougov survey, 38% of CBD users use CBD-containing products to treat their anxietyCBD can be used in various forms, including oils, capsules, gummies and topical balms.

With this in mind, Cannaray CBDs resident psychologist and scientific advisor, Dr Balu delves into how we can use CBD to help with anxiety symptoms.

What is anxiety?

Dr Balu, the founder of the Emotional Wellness Clinic and Scientific Advisor at Cannaray, comments: ‘Anxiety is an emotion that includes tension, worried thoughts, and sometimes certain bodily changes. Some people have recurring intrusive thoughts due to anxiety and can avoid certain tasks or situations due to excessive worrying.’

‘A fear that something bad or unpleasant will happen or one can be left in an uncertain scenario with little control over the outcome can trigger anxiety.’

What are the symptoms of anxiety?

Anxiety symptoms may vary from person to person but often include a racing heart, sweating, headaches, difficulty sleeping, irritability, and fatigue. Dr Balu adds: ‘Persistent or chronic anxiety can elevate the levels of stress hormones, which can disrupt many natural processes in your body.’

‘It can make you more susceptible to various medical conditions such as digestive problems, depression, headaches, memory/concertation impairment, heart disease, weight gain, and sleep problems.’

What causes anxiety?

The causes of anxiety often cannot be pinpointed to one specific thing. Anxiety may be caused by a mental condition, a physical trauma, a life experience, or a combination of these. Dr Balu adds: ‘It’s important when treating your anxiety we identify possible fears and trigger points that will hurt your anxiety.’

How is anxiety treated?

Dr Balu comments: ‘It is important to recognise the triggers for stress and build resilience to manage life better to avoid the adverse effects of stress and anxiety.’

As a natural product, CBD can help with anxiety reduction and could be an essential tool in stress management. Begin treatment for your anxiety.

  • Determine what can be controlled and focus on things that can be influenced. It is useful to identify fears and differentiate between ruminating and problem-solving. 
  • Create a plan to manage life and circumstances to minimize stress, and being mindful of every situation and ‘being in the moment’ helps to a certain extent. 
  • Developing healthy positive affirmations, maintaining a gratitude journal and allocating ‘worry time’ help to mitigate the effects of stress, worry and anxiety on the body and mind.  
  • Make time for things that make you happy, ensure you are looking after yourself, speak to loved ones regularly if you can, listen to music, dance and watch comedies that you know will make you laugh.

Do natural remedies for anxiety (like CBD) work?

Dr Balu adds: ‘Taking CBD is a great natural supplement that has proven effects on lowering anxiety and stress levels. CBD is a natural ingredient that is being increasingly used and recommended to help calm anxiety symptoms.’

‘Emotional wellness and mental health conditions are influenced by multiple factors, and it is important to consider a holistic approach when dealing with mind and brain health. CBD may be a very useful addition to the list of things one can do for their mental wealth.’

How might taking CBD help with anxiety?

Dr Balu added: ‘Studies have shown that CBD reduces the behavioural symptoms of anxiety and physiological symptoms such as increased heart rate. Some people have reported lowering anxiety levels resulting in better control over emotions and feeling more relaxed while taking CBD.’

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