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US Snoring Hotspot: Experts Reveal Top Tips to Stop Snoring

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A study from 2022 found that snoring is the third leading cause of divorce in the US, with men nearly twice as likely as women to snore. But have you ever wondered which states are keeping their partners up at night?

MattressNextDay took it upon themselves to reveal which states are claiming the title of the Snoring Capital of America. The study utilised statistical data to estimate each state’s total number of snorers. 

Mississippi comes out on top with the highest number of adult snorers

Mississippi ranks top, with a staggering 16.8% of adults reporting that they snore, estimating that there are 492,328 snorers across the state.

Louisiana closely trailed behind in the ranking, with 16.4% of adults admitting to snoring, totalling approximately 746,755 snorers.

Arkansas and West Virginia tied third, with both states reporting a snoring average of 15.9%; when considering population, this was found to be an estimated 487,041 and 280,601 snorers across the states.

Martin Seeley, CEO at MattressNextDay, reveals his top tips on how to stop snoring.

  • Sleep on your side rather than your back

Back sleepers snore more because the tongue, neck tissue, and chin press down on the airways, causing turbulence. Side sleeping relieves pressure on the airway and reduces snoring.

  • Try to quit smoking

Smoking irritates airways and throat, causing swelling and blocking air and soft tissue vibrations. Vaping can also lead to irritation.

  • Avoid alcohol before you go to sleep

Alcohol relaxes throat muscles, reducing airway rigidity and causing the soft tissue to vibrate, leading to snoring.

  • Maintain a good diet

Being overweight causes fatty tissue around the neck to press on the airway, leading to snoring. Weight reduction and a healthy lifestyle can improve breathing and reduce snoring.

  • Get new pillows

Skin flakes and pathogens in old pillows can trigger reactions like snoring. Opt for comfortable, supportive pillows, and consider using one pillow instead of two.

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