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Unveiling the Global State of AI in Cancer Vaccines

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Deep Pharma Intelligence, a leading BioTech market research agency focused on sophisticated analytics, benchmarking and forecasting of emerging and frontier domains in the Pharmaceutical, BioTech and Healthcare industries, announced the release of AI in Cancer Vaccines Analytics Platform.

This platform is part of a series of AI in Pharma launches, alongside recently launched AI in Drug Discovery and AI in Oncology.

The AI in Cancer Vaccines platform provides an in-depth overview of the industry landscape with interactive profiles, mindmaps, and databases of 16 companies, 95 investors and 40 hubs, all involved in the AI in Cancer Vaccines research space and organised into four key categories, including personalised cancer vaccines, mRNA-based cancer vaccines, immune-targeted cancer vaccines and immune-based cancer therapies. 

As of August 2023, the field of cancer vaccine development is shifting towards more specific tumour targeting using the neoantigen platform. However, most of these vaccines still face challenges in overcoming tumour escape mutations and the heterogeneity of cancer cells. The total investments in cancer vaccine companies utilising AI have reached $7.3 billion. This indicates the growing interest in leveraging artificial intelligence to develop cancer vaccines.

AI in Cancer Vaccines Analytics Platform at a glance

  • Mindmaps and databases of 16 companies, 95 investors and 40 hubs, all involved in the AI in Cancer Vaccines space.
  • Information on the Top 100 AI in Cancer Vaccines Leaders, with profiles on the leading researchers, scientists, entrepreneurs and technologists committed to harnessing the potential of AI to tackle the complex challenges of cancer vaccine advancement. 
  • The AI in Cancer Vaccines Analytical Report offers a thorough analysis of the market environment for AI in Cancer Vaccines development, clinical research, and other areas of pharmaceutical R&D. This review compares the performance of the major stakeholders who create the space and relationships within the sector and highlights trends and insights in the form of educational mindmaps and infographics.

The platform is further complemented by Pharma Big Data Analytics System and Dashboard for professional users seeking deeper, more specific and customised insights. The system provides sophisticated analytical and market intelligence capabilities, automated SWOT analysis, and AI-driven smart-matching tools.

As the role of AI continues to experience unprecedented growth, diversification, and disruption in the BioTech and HealthTech industries, extracting relevant insights for optimal strategic decision-making has become increasingly complex.

Leveraging advanced AI techniques and real-time analytics capabilities, Deep Pharma Intelligence’s comprehensive suite of in-depth analytical systems provides an understanding of the rapidly evolving AI in the BioTech and HealthTech landscape, delivering unique insights to industry stakeholders and decision-makers.

Upcoming platforms will spotlight AI applications in diabetes, FemTech, and Longevity, shedding light on revolutionary therapies, key industry players, and prevailing trends.

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