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Unlocking the Perfect Soundscape: Experts Reveal How to Enhance Your Sleep with Sound

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In a world full of distractions, finding ways to stay focused and get the rest you need as a student can be challenging. With the academic year beginning, iQ Student Accommodation have worked with experts to determine how background noises can be a useful tool to get the best sleep and study experience. As well as maintaining focus with focus, background noise can also aid relaxation and even help people fall asleep faster.

Experts categorise each background or “binaural” sound in colours, from Brown and Pink to the soothing notes of Green, and each brings its own set of distinctive benefits.

To better understand these sounds and their benefits, iQ Student Accommodation teamed up with Dr Rosmy Barrios, a medical advisor for the Health Reporter, to delve into the world of ambient and background noises. Background noises, often called ambient sounds, can play a multifaceted role in our daily lives.

Dr Barrios explained: “Background noise typically helps our brains focus on one thing without being distracted, while also masking outside disturbances like traffic noises or loud neighbours. This can help us to achieve a state of calm, relaxation, improved concentration, and falling asleep faster.”

But each of these sounds has its own distinctive characteristics:

  • Brown noise. Known for its calming and inhibiting qualities, it not only aids in falling asleep but also enhances concentration by blocking out distracting background noises. 
  • Pink noise. Possesses the unique ability to drown out ambient noises, thereby fostering improved concentration, alleviating anxiety, and promoting restful sleep.
  • Binaural Sounds. Listening to these frequencies helps to induce relaxing theta waves associated with meditation and sleep.

Catalin Zorzini, founder of Earth.fm, added: “Green noise, or nature sounds, stand out with their calming, less hissy undertones compared to the more well-known white noise. The gentle whispers of nature, like rainfall or waves, can sharpen our focus, while the vibrant blend of pink, brown, and green noise combined can be the ultimate study companion. So, next time an essay beckons or revision looms, the distant chirping of cicadas or a storm over a lush forest might be the trick.

To make the university experience more manageable and enable students to access these helpful sounds easily, iQ Student Accommodation gives its residents a 12-month premium membership to Headspace. With this membership, students can seamlessly explore the world of Binaural sounds, empowering them to harness the full potential of ambient noises for enhanced study sessions and rejuvenating sleep.

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