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Unique Ways to Embrace Solar Energy in Your Daily Life

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Solar energy has had an annual growth rate of about 50% over the past decade. Homeowners are investing in solar power Virginia to reduce their carbon footprint, their reliance on utility companies and the amount of emissions that go into the atmosphere. Demand has increased the need, which has brought costs down. There are many ways to tap into the solar market in your home, from a full conversion of solar panels to installing solar devices that reduce your electric bill.

Solar home appliances

Many modern appliances are using solar to power their moving parts. Water heater systems can take advantage of solar. Direct circulation systems pump water though your house through solar collectors. These units are more common in areas without freezing temperatures. Air heater systems rely on solar energy to heat air that is then circulated through your home. Many manufacturers have developed solar cooking and refrigeration systems that are often used for camping, but more are making their way into homes for daily use.

Solar-powered gadgets

Solar energy is being used in many different ways around the world. Many municipalities are using solar lighting on roadways and streets to reduce electric bills. Homeowners can install solar lights in landscapes for safety and ambiance. Solar Bluetooth speakers are great options for people who work outside, because they charge in the sunlight. Solar flashlights have been in use for quite a few years, as have solar calculators. How about a solar bird feeder that has an integrated camera to take pictures of the birds that come to your feeder? One manufacturer has even developed a solar umbrella that charges during the day. At night, you can sit under the umbrella and play cards, have a meal or enjoy each other’s company without requiring electricity.

Solar wearables

Solar fabric is being integrated into the products you wear and use each day. Solar backpacks have an integrated solar panel system that lets you charge your devices from anywhere instead of being tethered to a plug. One manufacturer created a solar bike helmet that powers sound through the helmet, allowing you to hear outside noises as well as your music when you’re riding. Solar fabric can absorb sunlight and keep you warmer when you have to be outside in the cold. This technology is being integrated into awnings and curtains, to help keep buildings warmer without using so many fossil fuels.

Solar back-up power

Solar panels only produce energy when the sun is shining. Even though some manufacturers are developing night-time solar panels, these panels are not as efficient as daytime panels. Instead of worrying about having enough energy to meet demand all night, the Tesla Powerwall integrates with a solar energy system in the home to collect the extra power created during the day and store it until it is needed in the home.  It’s one more avenue that makes solar work more effectively for your home because it comes with a wide range of features to help you monitor solar usage.

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